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Roller Brake Tester Equipment

Ruggedly engineered for superior performance, pinpoint precision and heavy vehicle workshop longevity, Levanta’s premium in-ground and mobile Roller Brake Testers are second to none. Achieve cost savings by bringing brake testing in-house or add an additional revenue stream to your repair business. An all-in-one solution, enabling you to tick the compliance box, as well as being a diagnostic tool to prevent brake component failure. 

Easy-to-use, fit for purpose and highly efficient, Roller Brake Testers are deemed critical inspection equipment for heavy vehicle workshops and authorised testing stations conducting regulatory or approved inspections in Australia and New Zealand. 

Levanta’s Heavy Vehicle Brake Tester Machine’s safely measure the brake performance and brake safety of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicle fleets, while the vehicle is stationary within the workshop. Designed and manufactured in Denmark by BM Autoteknik, Levanta’s Globally-proven Roller Brake Testers are equipped with the latest cutting-edge BM FlexCheck Software that works seamlessly with a Handheld Tablet to enable remote control and to provide live data.  Test results can then be printed, filed, saved in database or emailed as required.  

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Market Leading Return on Investment

Whether you are looking to service your heavy vehicle fleet, or provide an additional service for your customers, in-house roller brake testing is an investment for the future. Levanta’s premium in-ground and mobile/on-ground Roller Brake Testers (RBTs) offer best return-on-investment and total-cost of-ownership on the Market.

Superior Quality Design and Manufacturing

Levanta’s world-class Brake Tester Machines combine robust durability and streamlined technological efficiency that is needed to make your heavy vehicle workshop more efficient, reliable, profitable and safe. Ruggedly engineered for superior performance, pinpoint precision and heavy vehicle workshop longevity, Levanta’s premium in-ground and mobile Roller Brake Testers are second to none.

Unmatched after sales support

With boots on the ground across Australia and New Zealand, Levanta provide you with the confidence you are not just dealing with a one man band, but an organisation who will provide you with the workshop support and training you need.

Levanta’s robust Roller Brake Testers are designed and manufactured to meet strict global regulatory standards including Australia and New Zealand.

Levanta Roller Brake Testers are compliant with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator NHVR, AS/NZS 4613:2017, and relevant legislation in all states of Australia. 

  • RMS in NSW
  • TMR in Queensland
  • VIC Roads in VIC
  • Department of Transport in WA
  • The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)

Levanta Roller Brake Test Machines offer excellent return-on-investment and low total-cost of-ownership due to combining, robust durability and streamlined technological efficiency that is needed to make heavy vehicle workshops more efficient, reliable, profitable and safe. 

All Commercial brake roller tester for sale by Levanta, come as standard with our exclusive after sales support, which includes industry leading technical support, advice, service and maintenance of all workshop equipment by our team of trained technicians with direct access to the manufacturers; education and training programs and the reliability from our comprehensive spare parts department.

Levanta ROI Calculator

Take advantage of Levanta’s easy-to-use Return-on-Investment Calculator to evaluate the cost-efficiency, safety and profitability gains of a Levanta Roller Brake Tester for your heavy vehicle workshop.

Just key in your numbers and you’ll get a profitability estimate emailed to you in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Levanta offers a variety of roller brake testers, each designed to cater to different situations and environments.

Mobile Roller Brake Testers: These portable roller brake testers provide flexibility by allowing you to move them to various locations within your facility. It is ideal for workshops with limited space or those needing a versatile solution.

In-Ground Roller Brake Tester: For a more permanent setup, in-ground roller brake testers are the way to go. They are installed directly into the ground, providing a robust and unobtrusive solution for regular brake testing.

Lifting Bed Roller Brake Tester: The lifting bed roller brake tester is an in-ground machine, primarily designed for load simulation, all-in-one space-saving design. 

Roller Brake Tester “All-in-One” Inspection Pit: An integrated pit solution that includes a roller brake tester for efficient testing and inspection, saving both time and space in your facility.

Mobile Roller Brake Tester Trailer: Ideal for businesses on the move or in remote locations, these trailers feature a roller brake tester mounted on a trailer, offering a portable solution for brake testing wherever needed.

No matter your operational requirements, Levanta has a roller brake tester to suit your needs, ensuring that your vehicles maintain the highest safety and performance standards. Explore our range to find the perfect solution for your fleet.

Our brake testers are European-designed and built to act as a diagnostic tool and provide accurate measurements, guaranteeing the safety of your vehicles and drivers.

Unparalleled Reliability: Levanta’s brake tester machines are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring that they continue to perform consistently, even in high-demand environments.

Extensive Selection: Whether you’re looking for a roller brake tester or a specific type of brake tester machine, we have various options to suit your unique needs.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Levanta understands that every vehicle is unique, and the best brake tester can make all the difference in maintaining safety and performance. That’s why we offer top-notch brake roller testers for sale, backed by our commitment to providing solutions that ensure your success.

Explore Our Range

Discover the perfect brake tester for your business at Levanta. We invite you to explore our extensive range of roller brake testers, brake tester machines, and more. We’re here to assist you in making the right choice for your fleet.

If you have any concerns, please contact us to discuss your operational demands and workshop requirements. 


When it comes to brake testers, Levanta is your trusted partner for safety and performance. Contact us today to learn more about our selection, including brake roller testers for sale, and take the first step in ensuring the safety of your vehicles.

What our customers have to say

Very happy with communication with Levanta team members at all levels.
John Fenton
Director – Miniquip (WA)
Your team has been very professional during my dealings and I would recommend them anytime.
Daniel Bryant
Coordinator Workshop – Ballina Shire Council (NSW)
We have just taken deliver of four new Levanta Truck Hoists for our workshop. We pride ourselves on the fact we only use quality we were looking for and met our needs to cater for our busy workshop.
Halls Transport Repairs Dubbo
A huge thanks to Duane for great customer service and fast turn around they are working a treat.
Benjamin Moylan
Working with Levanta was a pleasure. They provided us with two key solutions which enabled us to work together quite smoothly and efficiently. As you can see this is a great end product, so thanks again Levanta.
Nik Katris
Mercedes Benz Castle Hill
Because Levanta were responsible for our entire workshop fitout, we found they were more accountable, they worked better with our builder, and delivered a quality job.
George Severino
Audi Alto Central Coast

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