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Heavy Vehicle Wheel Alignment Machines

Elevate Your Heavy Vehicle Workshop with Levanta’s Wheel Alignment Machines

Combining quality with affordability, the Levanta range of premium wheel alignment machines helps you meet the high demands of professional heavy vehicle workshops.

Wheel alignment is critical in maintaining the safety, efficiency and reliability of heavy vehicles like trucks and buses. Our Wheel Alignment Equipment is the preferred choice of professional workshops, mechanics, technicians and fleet managers, delivering unmatched performance.

Is your workshop equipment up to date?

Pinpoint Accuracy 

Levanta’s Wheel Alignment Machines are engineered for precision. Trust them to consistently deliver perfect wheel alignments, ensuring the safety and performance of every heavy vehicle under your care.

Enduring Reliability 

Our wheel aligners are robust and dependable, designed to thrive in high-volume workshops, ensuring they remain your steadfast partner for years.

Elevated Reputation

Levanta’s wheel alignment equipment isn’t just an investment; it’s an assurance of superior customer satisfaction. 

Experience the future of heavy vehicle servicing with Levanta’s Wheel Alignment Machines. Whether you seek operational efficiency, expanded service capabilities, or uncompromising quality, our wheel alignment equipment is the key to your success.

Understanding Wheel Alignment Machines

Wheel alignment is the precise manipulation of a vehicle’s steering and suspension components to ensure that each wheel is accurately positioned. This meticulous alignment is vital for several technical reasons:

Wheel alignment is fundamentally about achieving geometric accuracy in, fuel efficiency, drivability and tyre wear. 

Fuel Efficiency: Correct alignment minimises rolling resistance, improving fuel efficiency, an essential aspect for fleet managers.

Who will Wheel Alignment benefit?

Fleet Owners

Fleet owners stand to gain significant cost savings through a well-established wheel alignment program. By incorporating regular wheel alignment into scheduled maintenance, achieving a 5% reduction in annual fuel spending and a 10% saving on tyre expenditure is attainable. Furthermore, the benefits extend beyond cost savings to include reduced wear and tear on wheels, and axles, and improved longevity of essential vehicle components.

Example 1: Reduced Fuel Costs Distance travelled per annum: 200,000 km Diesel fuel price: $2.20/litre Fuel consumption: 4 litres/10km Fuel cost reduction thanks to wheel alignment: conservatively, we’ll say 3% for this example Total cost reduction: 0.03 x 200,000 x 2.2 x 0.4 = $5,280 saved per year/per truck.

Truck Tyre Shops

Truck tyre workshops can enhance their profitability by offering wheel alignment services. Often overlooked is the impact of rear wheel misalignment, causing up to 80% of irregular wear on front tyres. Total wheel alignment not only maximises profit but also aligns with best practices, providing added value to customers.

Tyre Suppliers

Wheel misalignment is one of the primary culprits of abnormal tyre wear on prime movers, trucks, buses and long-distance heavy vehicles. By implementing and recommending a total wheel alignment regime at the time of tyre replacement, the lifespan of the tyre is optimised.

Truck Dealerships

If you’ve ever heard complaints about irregular tyre wear on the front tyres of new trucks, it’s important to question the regularity of wheel alignment checks. Total wheel alignment of the front and rear is often an overlooked aspect of servicing. Trailer axle misalignment is the second most common wheel alignment issue. Unless this issue to investigated, truck suppliers may be burdened by irregular tyre wear of their customers’ fleets.

Trailer Manufacturers

Trailer manufacturing is another critical industry that predetermines the accuracy of wheel alignment. It’s become apparent that some newly manufactured trailers are not accurately aligned at the time of assembly. The positioning and aligning of axles on newly manufactured trailers is not always comprehensive, because at times axle offset and axle rolling. An important consideration with new trailers.

Technical Training Schools/Colleges

Levanta wheel alignment machines are Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and widely commended equipment. Preferred by busy workshops and training institutions due to the reliability of the equipment and the aftersales support that Levanta is known for.

Types of Wheel Alignment Machines

Experience precision with the JOSAM Laser AM heavy vehicle wheel alignment machine. This advanced system employs laser beam projectors to measure axle positions, ensuring that wheels, axles, and chassis all roll in perfect alignment. Elevate your workshop’s capabilities with an expanded level of service, made effortless by its user-friendly operation, straightforward calibration, and easy maintenance. 

Experience precision and efficiency with the JOSAM Cam Aligner. This compact system uses patented camera technology, referencing the chassis centre line for pinpoint accuracy. Ideal for truck, bus, and tyre service centres, it offers rapid and precise wheel alignment, covering a comprehensive range of angles. Elevate your heavy vehicle servicing with JOSAM Cam Aligner and keep your fleet safe and efficient.

The JOSAM I-Track II, a game-changer for high-volume workshops. Its unmatched speed and cutting-edge design streamline workflows, significantly increasing profitability and productivity. Designed for workshops looking to perform up to 5 profitable wheel alignment services daily, the I-Track II is the world’s fastest and most advanced fixed wheel aligner for heavy vehicles. Elevate your workshop’s capabilities precisely and efficiently – choose the JOSAM I-Track II for unbeatable productivity. Available as a fixed wheel alignment machine or a mobile wheel alignment machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Levanta, we understand the complexities of fleet management and the diverse needs of your vehicles. Our range of heavy-duty truck wheel alignment equipment is designed to provide efficient and precise wheel balancing for trucks, buses, and heavy vehicles of all sizes.

When you choose Levanta, you benefit from:

Tailored Aftersales Support

Levanta’s national network of warehouses and offices means you get personalised
after-sales support services geared to offer unmatched customer satisfaction, including support for all truck wheel alignment equipment for sale – with offices in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, and WA.

Technical Assistance

Levanta’s expert technical team provides prompt and knowledgeable assistance to address any unlikely technical issues you may encounter with your wheel alignment equipment.

Request Technical Support

Proven Reliability:
Levanta’s reputation for reliability and quality ensures that your fleet’s wheel alignment needs are consistently met.

Make the smart choice for fleet management by choosing Levanta wheel alignment machines. We’re dedicated to helping you maintain your vehicles’ safety, performance, and longevity through optimal wheel alignment solutions.

Increased Tyre Life: Proper wheel alignment ensures even tire wear, extending the lifespan of your tyres and reducing the need for premature replacements.

Improved Fuel Efficiency: Precise wheel alignment reduces rolling resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency by ensuring that your vehicle moves with minimal effort.

Enhanced Safety: Accurate wheel alignment promotes stable handling and better control, significantly improving overall road safety. This is particularly crucial for Levanta’s commitment to providing secure and reliable vehicles.

Smoother Ride: Well-aligned wheels contribute to a smoother and more comfortable driving experience, enhancing the overall performance and ride quality of Levanta vehicles.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: By preventing uneven tire wear and minimising stress on other components, proper wheel alignment helps reduce long-term maintenance costs for Levanta vehicles.

Levanta wheel alignment training session includes one qualified Levanta wheel alignment product specialist spending a day (or longer at your request) with your workshop team carrying out an extensive product training session on the equipment and a demonstration of its abilities. 

Choosing the right wheel alignment system for heavy vehicle/trailer application is dependent on multiple factors.

Laser AM is entry-model equipment best suited for trailer manufacturers and low-volume workshops.

Cam Aligner mid-range and the most popular wheel alignment system, features a combination of accuracy and efficiency. Suitable for mid-high volume workshops and mobile alignment technicians.

I-Track II wheel alignment system is Levanta’s premium wheel alignment system, focusing on efficiency for high-volume workshops. Available in both fixed and mobile.

Yes, absolutely it does! Tyre rolling resistance has the biggest effect on fuel consumption – being able to accurately measure and adjust steering geometry will optimise fuel efficiency.

The Cam Aligner and I-Track II systems provide the ability to print out wheel alignment assessments to compare before and after adjustments that have been made.

What our customers have to say

Very happy with communication with Levanta team members at all levels.
John Fenton
Director – Miniquip (WA)
Your team has been very professional during my dealings and I would recommend them anytime.
Daniel Bryant
Coordinator Workshop – Ballina Shire Council (NSW)
We have just taken deliver of four new Levanta Truck Hoists for our workshop. We pride ourselves on the fact we only use quality we were looking for and met our needs to cater for our busy workshop.
Halls Transport Repairs Dubbo
A huge thanks to Duane for great customer service and fast turn around they are working a treat.
Benjamin Moylan
Working with Levanta was a pleasure. They provided us with two key solutions which enabled us to work together quite smoothly and efficiently. As you can see this is a great end product, so thanks again Levanta.
Nik Katris
Mercedes Benz Castle Hill
Because Levanta were responsible for our entire workshop fitout, we found they were more accountable, they worked better with our builder, and delivered a quality job.
George Severino
Audi Alto Central Coast

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