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Collision Repair

Set up a complete panel repair function with Levanta’s comprehensive range of JOSAM collision repair equipment – from frame straightening systems to cab benches and towers, we’ve got your heavy vehicle workshop covered.

We've got all your vehicle collision repair equipment needs covered

Vehicle Collision Repair & Chassis Straightening

Precise, high end equipment

From classic frame straightening systems to cab benches and towers, Levanta’s range of JOSAM equipment contains everything you need to set up a complete panel repair function for your heavy vehicle workshop.

Workshop equipment guide book

Is your workshop equipment up to date?

The Levanta Difference

Top-tier and dependable collision repair and chassis straightening equipment

At Levanta, we offer an exceptional range of collision repair and chassis straightening equipment, sourced from the industry's leading manufacturers. Designed for precision, durability, and effective performance, our equipment supports your workshop's needs in delivering high-quality collision repair.


Industry-leading equipment warranty

All of our collision repair and chassis straightening equipment comes with a robust warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and dependability. Our meticulous quality control process ensures that every piece of equipment meets the highest standards, reinforcing our dedication to your workshop's success.

After-sales service and spare parts for collision repair and chassis straightening equipment

Levanta provides comprehensive after-sales support for your collision repair and chassis straightening equipment. From product registration to easily accessible online service manuals and a variety of spare parts, we're always ready to assist with any requirements. Our dedicated team is here to help you keep your collision repair operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Talk to Levanta for advice on the right collision repair and chassis straightening equipment

To speak with a collision repair expert about your business’s needs, call Levanta on 1300 271 476 or get in touch online

Frequently Asked Questions

Levanta’s range of hoists and lifts is available in both wired and wireless operations. However, connection technology is now a beneficial default feature on most of our models. Wireless operation offers advanced equipment control and safety in the workshop, with no leads on the ground, and safety hazards are eliminated on the workshop floor. For more information about the benefits of wireless connectivity with our workshop equipment, please talk to one of our sales representatives.

When users follow the manufacturer’s battery care recommendations, following the correct charging and maintenance procedures, you can expect the battery life to last 4-5+ years. It is vital to ensure that the battery care is followed to avoid malfunctioning, depletion or failure, which is uncommon.
If your equipment battery runs low or completely depletes, there is nothing to be concerned about, even if a vehicle is up on the hoist. There are a couple of ways to lower the hoists if the low battery sensor shuts down the hoist control.
  • The hoists can be plugged in and charged whilst in operation.
  • The low battery level parameter in the hoist software can be reset to a lower percentage to allow more working time with the power left in the batteries.
Located on the side of each hoist is our service sticker with the phone number for Levanta’s technical support at 1300 577 541. Our qualified diagnostic and service technicians are available during normal work hours for support, advice and walking you through any issues to find a solution. if batteries aren’t cared for or working properly.

Yes. Levanta takes pride in upholding an excellent after-sales service. Our team of trained technicians and comprehensive spare parts division are available to provide undivided technical support, advice, service and maintenance of all workshop equipment sold by Levanta.

Our commitment to ongoing support is a key reason Levanta is Australia’s preferred supplier of equipment and turnkey workshops to leading businesses such as Bridgestone Australia, Australian Defence Force, Paccar Australia, Velocity Vehicle Group, Cleanaway, Kalari Transport, Lindsay Fox Transport and many others.

Call Levanta Customer Service & Technical Support 1300 577 541

What our customers have to say

Very happy with communication with Levanta team members at all levels.
John Fenton
Director – Miniquip (WA)
Your team has been very professional during my dealings and I would recommend them anytime.
Daniel Bryant
Coordinator Workshop – Ballina Shire Council (NSW)
We have just taken deliver of four new Levanta Truck Hoists for our workshop. We pride ourselves on the fact we only use quality we were looking for and met our needs to cater for our busy workshop.
Halls Transport Repairs Dubbo
A huge thanks to Duane for great customer service and fast turn around they are working a treat.
Benjamin Moylan
Working with Levanta was a pleasure. They provided us with two key solutions which enabled us to work together quite smoothly and efficiently. As you can see this is a great end product, so thanks again Levanta.
Nik Katris
Mercedes Benz Castle Hill
Because Levanta were responsible for our entire workshop fitout, we found they were more accountable, they worked better with our builder, and delivered a quality job.
George Severino
Audi Alto Central Coast

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