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How an Efficient Workshop Improves your Bottom Line

Did you know that by increasing the efficiency of your workshop, you will automatically increase your bottom line? Quite simply, the more work you can complete in the same number
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Our ‘Must Have’ Workshop Products

Did you know that European workshop products lead the world in quality and safety? This is because they go through the most stringent process to meet the EU standards. These
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How Our Fit Outs Meet the Strict Corporate Identity Requirements

Whether you’re designing a new workshop fit out, or thinking of re-fitting an existing one, there are many factors to consider. However, one of the most crucial requirements is the
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How to set up your roller brake tester for best results

Advice to help you future proof your heavy vehicle workshop As we’ve talked about before, installing a roller brake tester in-house can massively improve your workshop’s productivity and increase the ROI you
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How continuing staff training helps you improve your vehicle workshop

Make the most of your car hoists with Levanta As we’ve spoken about before, probably the number one consideration when you’re designing a new workshop fitout is ensuring the best vehicle throughput.
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Should you carry out static or dynamic roller brake testing?

Levanta takes you through the issues for your workshop The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has advised that workshops must now use dynamic weight to assess the efficiency of a heavy
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