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LiftMax LM65W Wireless Column Lift

Italian-made with 6.5T capacity

About LiftMax LM65W Wireless Column Lift

LM65W wireless mobile column lifts are made in Italy by LiftMax, a brand developed by Levanta to meet the market’s need for heavy-duty, reliable, up-to-date heavy vehicle lifting solutions.

Since their inception in the early 2000s, LiftMax’s ongoing product development ensure the brand remains at the forefront of column lifts available to the Australian market.

Mobile column lifts offer you a convenient and flexible lifting option for heavy vehicles. Their exceptional mobility means column lifts don’t take up a fixed space in your workshop and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Column lifts allow you to do more with your existing workshop space than alternative lifting option such as fixed four post hoists.

LM65W’s wireless configuration means there’s no power cables for your technicians to trip over while in your workshop. Heavy duty battery power means there’s also no need for 3 phase power supply for your column lifts

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity 6.5T
Lifting Stroke 1,725mm
Lifting Speed 2cm/s
Column Dimension 1,217(L)*1,150(W)*2,400(H)MM
Weight (per column) 590kg
Power 240V (supply for charger)

Product Features

Full function controls on each column

Operators can control the lift from any individual column using the full function controls, selecting a lifting configuration of either full set, single axle (pair), or single column.

The user-friendly 7” colour LCD touch screen displays the column configuration, battery charge, the synchronisation system being used (wireless or cable), working height, and a diagnostic of the current state of repair.

The robust, maintenance-free controls have been designed to withstand the demands of your busy workshop environment.

High quality rechargeable batteries

The 24V DC power system uses premium quality gel cell storage batteries, which can quickly and easily be recharged using the built-in 240V 10-amp chargers.

Battery life between charges will depend on operational factors, but under normal operating conditions you can expect over 30 lifts before recharging is needed.

Adjustable lifting forks

The fully adjustable lifting forks can safely lift a range of wheel diameters.

Superior mobility and manoeuvrability

Mobility is a crucial factor when choosing a column lift. Thanks to their compact dimensions (1,150 x 1,217 mm) and lower centre of gravity, LM65W column lifts offer you great mobility.

What’s more, they come equipped with a steering handle attached to a spring-loaded industrial style “easy roll” full bearing wheel, that’s lockable in position via a foot brake. This unique design can achieve a turning angle of approximately 180°.

Product Showcase

Available Product Accessories

LM80S LiftMax Axle Stand
LM80S LiftMax Axle Stand

The LM80S can support a vehicle after a column lifts it up, allowing for a more efficient workshop.

Agricultural Adaptors
Agricultural Adaptors

Used to lift agricultural machines and implements quickly and safely, leaving the wheels accessible.

LM65W Trailer Lifting Beam
LM65W Trailer Lifting Beam

Quickly, easily and safety lift trailers whilst disconnected from prime mover.

Protection Covers
Protection Covers

Protect your LiftMax LM65W Mobile Wireless Column Lifts with these all-weather covers.

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product


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