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Heavy Vehicle in Ground Lift

In-ground truck & bus lift

30–75 tonne capacity heavy vehicle lifts

About In-ground truck & bus lift

Improved efficiency, safety and profitability

AC Hydraulic has departed from the traditional understanding of in-ground lifts and created the lift of the future.

The lift is delivered ready for use in steel cassettes with 2, 3, 4 or 5 lifting rams. The lift has a capacity from 30–75 tonnes. A level workshop floor and optimum mobility offers the best possible working conditions and improved efficiency, safety and profitability.

Supplied standard with telescopic lifting rams to increase lifting heights and at the same time reducing construction depth. The result is a simple installation at lower costs.

Technical Specifications

2 Lifting Rams – UL2 3 Lifting Rams – UL3 4 Lifting Rams – UL4 5 Lifting Rams – UL5
Lifting Capacity 30 Tonne 45 Tonne 60 Tonne 75 Tonne
Stroke 1,900 mm 1,900 mm 1,900 mm 1,900 mm
Rams / Moveable 2 / 1 3 / 2 4 / 3 5 / 4
Cassette Length 8,700 mm 14,340 mm 17,400 mm 20,000 mm
Cassette Width 1,030 mm 1,030 mm 1,030 mm 1,030 mm
Lifting Points Distance 2,500 – 7,500 mm 1,300 – 12,800 mm 1,300 – 16,500 mm 1,300 – 19,025 mm
Speed Up/Down 80 Seconds 80 Seconds 80 Seconds 80 Seconds
Power Requirements 12 kw 18 kw 24 kw 30 kw
Litre Oil / Ram 25 l 25 l 25 l 25 l
Unit Weight 4.6 Tonne 7 Tonne 9 Tonne 11 Tonne

Product Features

Plug & play

After digging and concreting the foundation it is only a question of connecting the steering box cable. The low construction depth reduces costs considerably compared to traditional in-ground lifts. The watertight self-supporting steel cassette ensures a stable shuttering when refilling.

Easy connection

The cable is connected to the steering box and the lift is then fully operational.

Touch screen control

User friendly remote control offers information about the operation of the lift, ram positions, and safety & maintenance.

Lifting, lowering and positioning is easily controlled by the remote control. The lifting rams can be used either one by one or synchronized.

Safety & stability

Square lifting rams ensure maximum stability. Two independent hydraulic circuits in each lifting ram offer optimum safety, since one circuit will hold the entire load if necessary.

The hydraulic circuits are fully protected inside the lifting rams. In case of power failure lowering is still possible by connecting a 24V battery.

CE-marked: comply with European Standard EN 1493

Always the optimum working height

Lifting height can be adjusted to suit any possible lifting job. The cross beams can be stored at floor level in full pit length.

The lift is particularly suitable for workshops servicing many different vehicle types.

Robust rolling cover with 7t capacity

Robust rolling cover made in non-slip aluminium profiles provides a nice and level workshop floor.

The cross beams and rolling cover are always level with the workshop floor in the full pit length no matter the position of the cross beams.

The cassette is designed with pump sump to absorb oil and water.

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product


Hoists and other equipment in your workshop need annual servicing and certification by law for you to continue working safely and productively in your business. With our 34-point checklist and manufacturer trained servicing agents, you can be assured that your workshop equipment will work when you need it do, with the minimum downtime!

We deliver Australia-wide

Levanta’s national network of warehouses enables us to supply our workshop equipment direct to you, wherever your business is located right throughout Australia. Whether you need a service pit for a remote Pilbara mine or a 4 post hoist for a Sydney dealership workshop, we have delivery options to suit you.


All Levanta products are backed up by an industry-leading warranty. We’ve invested our reputation into our quality brands, and we stand behind our products. Our dedicated team of design engineers work hard to detect and correct any issue – no matter how small – before it gets to our customers.

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