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High Tonnage Jacks

High tonnage hydraulic mining jacks

Heavy duty jacks built for the mining industry

Levanta has developed these high tonnage mining jacks in conjunction with AC Hydraulic in Denmark, a specialised after-market jacking equipment company. This collaboration has delivered a unique, excellent product to the mining industry, designed & engineered by miners, for miners.

The end result is a simple, easy-to-operate, efficient jack that can be carried in stock and rotated or exchanged during service.

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High tonnage jacks designed for mine site maintenance

Levanta’s heavy duty jacks are built specifically for the mining industry. They’re designed to help reduce down time and allow straightforward removal, disassembly and repair of heavy duty machinery.

The innovative all-steel heavy duty chassis allows you to perform repairs, maintenance and even wheel changes on-site. They’re robust and versatile, yet extremely easy to manoeuvre and position on the rough terrain of mine sites.

These design features combine to provide you with extremely stable heavy duty lifting on any challenging terrain.

Designed to meet and exceed all safety requirements

On your mine site you need to ensure operator safety. Levanta mining jacks come with a wide range of safety measures, including locking rings, a dead man’s control on the handle, and safety valve to prevent overload, load lock, or any failure due to hydraulic fluid loss.

The multi-position handle allows easy tilt back and ergonomic movement of the jack to ensure minimal strain on the operator’s back. And the large rubber tyres and high ground clearance allow easy positioning.

Together with their wide range of optional accessories, they offer outstanding durability in the toughest operating conditions.

Get an on-site mining jacks demonstration

To see how AC Hydraulics heavy duty mining jacks perform at your mining site, request a demo from Levanta. We’ll bring our high tonnage jacks out to your site to demonstrate how they’re the right choice for your workshop.

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Our expert team will be happy to answer any question you have, or provide you with an estimate

Get in touch with us today

Our expert team will be happy to answer any question you have, or provide you with an estimate