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100 t high tonnage hydraulic mining jack

Extremely stable heavy duty lifting

About 100 t high tonnage hydraulic mining jack

100 t high tonnage hydraulic mining jack

The high tonnage jacks are strong and versatile yet extremely easy to maneuver and position. Securing extremely stable heavy duty lifting on any challenging terrain combined with a high level of safety and minimal strain on the operators back.

Due to our innovative chassis construction jack repair maintenance and even wheel changing can be made onsite keeping the jack in a top working condition.

We do not compromise and trust that our high tonnage hydraulic jacks will facilitate reductions in down time and set new standards for removing, disassembling and repairing machinery in all off-highway heavy duty industries.

About Levanta’s high tonnage hydraulic jacks

Our high tonnage hydraulic jacks are designed to meet or exceed all safety demands in the mining and constructions industries.

Optimum operator safety is ensured via a wide range of safety measures, a.o. safety valve to prevent overload, load lock or any failure due to hydraulic fluid loss, locking rings and a deadman’s control on the handle.

A wide range of accessories combined with an outstanding durability in all operating conditions our high tonnage hydraulic jacks are designed to meet all needs.

Technical Specifications

100-1 Jack 100-1H Jack
Capacity 100 Tonne 100 Tonne
Min. Height 435 mm 700 mm
Max. Height 570 mm 1,100 mm
Frame Length 1,550 mm 1,675 mm
Handle Length 1,300 mm 1,300 mm
Width 350 mm 570 mm
Width (with wheels) 465 mm 685 mm
Air supply 10 bar 10 bar
Air Consumption 1,200 l/min 1,200 l/min
Weight 332 kg 476 kg
Ground Clearance 40 mm 65 mm

Product Features

High tonnage hydraulic jacks for the mining and construction industries
  • Designed for off-road maintenance on heavy duty industrial machinery
  • All steel, heavy duty chassis build to fit harsh environment
  • Large rubber tyres allow easy positioning on challenging surfaces
  • Innovative chassis construction facilitates jack repair, even wheel changing on site
  • High ground clearance for clearing rail and rough terrain
  • Multiple position handle for easy tilt back and ergonomic moving
  • Safety valve prevents overload, load lock or any failure due to hydraulic fluid loss
  • Handle with dead-man’s control for optimum safety during lifting and lowering
  • 2 lifting eyes and tilt-back handle position for easy jack handling and transport
  • Can be supplied with extensions and locking rings (not standard)

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product


Hoists and other equipment in your workshop need annual servicing and certification by law for you to continue working safely and productively in your business. With our 34-point checklist and manufacturer trained servicing agents, you can be assured that your workshop equipment will work when you need it do, with the minimum downtime!

We deliver Australia-wide

Levanta’s national network of warehouses enables us to supply our workshop equipment direct to you, wherever your business is located right throughout Australia. Whether you need a service pit for a remote Pilbara mine or a 4 post hoist for a Sydney dealership workshop, we have delivery options to suit you.


All Levanta products are backed up by an industry-leading warranty. We’ve invested our reputation into our quality brands, and we stand behind our products. Our dedicated team of design engineers work hard to detect and correct any issue – no matter how small – before it gets to our customers.