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Our ‘Must Have’ Workshop Products

7 Essentials for Heavy Vehicle Workshops

Imagine having all the right tools at your fingertips, ready to tackle any heavy vehicle repair, servicing or maintenance job in your heavy vehicle workshop. 

No more frustration, delays or downtime, just smooth and efficient operation in your heavy vehicle workshop. The key to this seamless workflow lies in having the right equipment – We’ve put together a list of  the top 7 must-have pieces of equipment that will revolutionise efficiently and safety within your heavy vehicle workshop practises.  

From top-of-the-line hoists to advanced wheel alignment machines, Levanta’s range of equipment will elevate your workshop and take your operation to the next level of productivity. Discover unparalleled safety, precision, and efficiency with Levanta’s 7 Must-Have Heavy Vehicle Workshop Equipment list.

The 7 Must-Haves for Heavy Vehicle Workshops:

1. Transmission Jacks

Hydraulic Transmission Jacks for Heavy Vehicles are designed to make lifting and positioning heavy transmissions in heavy vehicle workshops easier, cleaner and more precise.

All Levanta transmission jacks feature telescopic cylinders for ease of use, pedal-operated pumps with built-in quick lift for added versatility, galvanised support saddles and base frames for durability and stability, sturdy swivel castors for maneuverability, hand-operated dead man’s release and built-in safety overload valve for added safety.

Levanta Transmission Jacks are engineered to assert safety, profitability, efficiency and reliability in heavy vehicle workshops and fleets.

In addition, they are equipped with safety features such as hand-operated dead man’s release and built-in safety overload valves, ensuring the highest level of safety while using the jack.

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2. Wheel Service Equipment

Ditch the high fuel costs, high maintenance costs, extended downtime, preventable wheel problems, and unsafe workshop practices that often burden fleets. Levanta’s Wheel Service Equipment lets operators take control of their in-house tyre and wheel maintenance, helping to reduce maintenance costs and improving reliability and productivity.

Levanta’s advanced Tyre Changer Machines, Truck Wheel Balancers, and Truck Wheel Alignment Equipment are precision engineered to overcome the pain points faced by all heavy vehicle workshops and fleets with in-house solutions.

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3. Workshop Floor Jacks

Floor jacks for heavy vehicles are essential for maintenance and repair in busy heavy vehicle workshops. With a range of options available, from hydraulic jacks to air-hydraulic jacks and high-tonnage jacks, there is a floor jack to suit every need.

One of the key benefits of floor jacks is their versatility and efficiency. They offer quick, easy, and efficient lifting solutions for various heavy vehicle applications, from simple tire changes to more complex repair jobs. Additionally, floor jacks come in multiple sizes and capacities to find the perfect tool for your workshop, no matter the size or scale of your operation.

Another critical feature of floor jacks is their durability and safety. These tools are built to withstand heavy loads and demanding conditions and are made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. Many floor jacks also feature safety valves, overload protection, and other safety features that help provide stability and prevent accidents while you work.

Finally, heavy vehicle floor jacks are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and simple operation. Whether lifting and supporting heavy vehicles with a hydraulic pump or an air-powered pump, floor jacks make your job easier and more productive.

4. Advanced Pit Jacks

Levanta’s advanced pit jacking systems provide fast and precise lifting capabilities that can adapt to any pit. These systems offer greater flexibility in accessing various lifting points on vehicles, allowing technicians to jack from the centre of the pit if needed.

With a single jacking beam that can accommodate any length pit, there’s no need for multiple jacks, saving time and effort. Technicians can simply move one carriage up and down the pit instead of having to maneuver two jacks on either side. In contrast to other jacking systems that often lift unevenly, hydraulic pit jacking systems are designed to provide a balanced lift every time.

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5. Hoists

Hoists and Lifts for heavy vehicle workshops offer several benefits, including improved safety, increased efficiency, versatility, space-saving, ease of use, access, and durability. Hoists can lift heavy loads quickly and easily, freeing up valuable floor space, allowing easy access to the undercarriage, and reducing the risk of injury for technicians. They are easy to operate and can provide many years of reliable service with proper maintenance.

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6. Jacking Beams

Jacking Beams, also known as vehicle lifts, provide a safe and efficient way to lift and support heavy vehicles for maintenance and repair work.

Jacking Beams provide improved safety, increased efficiency, better accessibility, reduced strain and injury, enhanced versatility, and improved reliability to any heavy vehicle workshop.

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7. Roller Brake Testers

Roller Brake Testers are fast replacing older test methodologies like decelerometers and plate testers due to their superior advantages in making workshops more efficient, reliable, profitable and safe.

Levanta Roller Brake Testers don’t just give you a ‘pass’ receipt. They provide a comprehensive report including the rolling resistance, ovality, wheel lock, brake force, dynamic deceleration, dynamic weight and test weight results per axle, with a left and right split. These results cover all vehicle brake assemblies, allowing you to diagnose individual brake component issues effectively.

Ruggedly engineered for superior performance, pinpoint precision and heavy vehicle workshop longevity, Levanta’s premium in-ground and mobile, on-ground Roller Brake Testers are second to none.

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