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Our ‘Must Have’ Workshop Products

Did you know that European workshop products lead the world in quality and safety?

This is because they go through the most stringent process to meet the EU standards. These standards are typically more advanced than US and Australian standards and that’s why we, at Levanta, import and sell leading European workshop products.

Compliance for Australian Standards is still required in every case; however, products will very easily obtain Australian compliance if they have already met the EU standard.

So, what are the ‘must have’ workshop equipment and products that every heavy vehicle workshop should have?

The 7 Must Have Heavy Vehicle Workshop Products:

1. Transmission Jacks

These make the difficult job of handling heavy and awkward transmissions easier. Our transmission jacks are sturdy enough to be wheeled around the workshop, have adjustments that can change height and angle to make the job of re-installing the transmission much easier.

floor jack

2. Workshop Floor Jacks

These quickly free a wheel. Our workshop floor jacks are air operated so they can be quickly connected to compressed air anywhere in the workshop. We have a range of floor jacks, including:

3. Pit Jacks

These roll the full length of the pit to allow the vehicle to be jacked anywhere in the pit. Technicians only need to push one carriage up and down the pit instead of positioning two jacks (one on each side).

4. Hoists

These are important to lift vehicles safely. We have many different options to choose from but our top ‘must haves’ include:

  • 4 Post Hoists
  • Mobile Column Lifts – these can be wheeled around like pallet jacks to save space and be used anywhere in the workshop
  • Knuckle Lifts – these can lift to 54 tonnes with no posts, can be recessed flat into the floor if required. They are perfect if you need to lift B-doubles or buses

5. Jacking Beams

These help you achieve the most out of your vehicle lift and dramatically increase your service abilities. You’ll be able to change tyres easily and safely, without the wheels rolling everywhere.

6. Roller Brake Testers 

These are used as a diagnostic tool as well as compliance. Diagnostic work can be just as important as compliance because it can put up component failure before it happens. This means less time with issues on the side of the road.

7. Wheel Alignment Machines

These can be used and completed very quickly and without a lot of expertise. They provide an extra revenue source for repairers or fleets and can also assist in saving tyres wear, fuel consumption and driver fatigue.

So, there you have it, our must have list of heavy vehicle workshop equipment.

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