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How pit jacks and jacking beams revitalise your workshop service pit or lift

Levanta’s guide to pit jacks and jacking beams

Want to save money and increase the productivity of your old equipment? Levanta’s workshop fitout experts show you how.

The Myth

Because you have an older pit or lift in your workshop, no modern jacking beam or pit jack will be compatible.

The Fact

AC Hydraulic pit jacks and jacking beams can be used with existing pits and lifts – regardless of their age!

How can pit jacks enhance your workshop?

By retrofitting a highly efficient new jacking beam to your old equipment, you can increase productivity and save money. It’s an excellent way to get the results you need without doing a complete workshop overhaul.

Pit jacks to suit every type of service pit

The end frames on Levanta’s pit jacks come with hundreds of different configurations. This means that regardless of the design of your pit, we have the end frames to suit your rails – giving you the lifting power required for big jobs.

For unusual pit designs without rails, talk to us about a floor running pit jack. These have a HUGE lift height of 2.2 metres, which lets you get the wheels up off the ground so you can work quickly, efficiently and safely.

Get the right jacking beam for your current hoist

For wheel servicing while vehicles are still on your hoist, you need a jacking beam (or two jacking beams, if you’re planning to completely lift all the vehicle’s wheels to carry out wheel rotation or the like).

Like the pit jacks, the end frames on our jacking beams are completely customisable – so whether your four post hoist is two years old or 20 years old, they can be specially manufactured to fit it.

This customisation enables your team to work much more efficiently, as you can handle all wheel maintenance at a good working height, and utilise your lift better by performing oil changes AND wheel servicing.

It’s easy to retrofit jacking beams & pit jacks to your existing equipment

Simply tell our expert team what you need and they’ll customise the right solution to suit your workshop. Retrofitting really is easy and hassle-free – so there’s no need to continue working with equipment that hasn’t been optimised!

And because all AC Hydraulic products are designed and manufactured in Denmark (and supported locally by Levanta), you know they’ll be premium quality and will withstand the demands of your heavy vehicle workshop.

Need to give your existing workshop equipment a lift? Get in touch with the workshop fitout experts Levanta on 1300 577 541 or with your local office’s contact forms here.  

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