Swift Action Pneumatic Oil Filter Crusher

Taking only 10-15 seconds to crush a filter, the TC100 is crafted using heavy gauge steel and chrome drive shafts for long lasting operation. Cut your disposal costs, increase your productivity and protect your team with this easy to use and safe unit.

  • Pneumatic powered
  • Quick crush time
  • Cut disposal costs by up to 75%
  • 1 year warranty

Cut your disposal costs by up to 75% due to the lower waste volume, while converting into scrap metal and recyclable oil. The heavy gauge steel construction and chrome drive means it is built for long lasting hard work.

With a crushing force of 20,000lbs (auto) and 49,000lbs (truck) this powerful unit is not only strong but fast, with a 10-15 second crush time. Fully assembled and pre-tested prior to shipment, this unit is delivered ready to go!

You can easily save on maintenance costs with this unit by avoiding the typical problems associated with motors, pumps, fluids and electrical issues with only three moving parts. Oil drains cleanly from the bottom of the crusher into your container or through a hose you can attack to the fitting under the crusher.

Safety is critical when crushing, using this unit helps protect your team from injury due to the unique safety features, saving you again through cutting down compensation and downtime.

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