Levanta's Comprehensive Workshop Fitout for Western Power, Western Australia

Levanta was entrusted with a significant and challenging project to provide a full turnkey fleet workshop fitout for a new state of the art HQ facility for Western Power in Western Australia. This project aimed to accommodate the diverse range of vehicles in the Western Power fleet, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and seamless operations in their newly developed workshops.

The project’s success hinged on Levanta’s engineering excellence and collaborative spirit, along with the ability to deliver under tight deadlines and with a commitment to quality.

This case study explores the complexities and achievements of Levanta’s workshop fitout for Western Power. It highlights the challenges overcome, innovative solutions provided, and the strong partnership forged, showcasing Levanta’s commitment to excellence, as endorsed by Shaun Munro and Western Power.

"Just wanted to touch base and extend a special thank you to your team for the outstanding job they performed in the supply of the hoists we recently received.

The whole team went above and beyond to supply the product at very short notice and ensured required deadlines were met which was a tall ask by any means.

We are very happy with the product and training provided and I have received positive feedback from the Western Power depots. […] We are looking forward to a prosperous relationship and working with you into the future as a preferred supplier to Western Power."
- Shaun Munro, External Services Co-Ordinator at Western Power

1. The Project Challenge

Western Power presented Levanta with a meticulously crafted brief and stringent performance standards. Their key requirement was to have a single-source supplier to ensure a unified approach to aftersales support. Additionally, the project had to align with the construction efforts led by the builder, ADCO. This necessitated a partnership with a workshop fitout company capable of not only meeting the performance standards but also seamlessly integrating with other onsite trades.

2. Our Solution

Levanta rose to the challenge by offering a comprehensive solution that met Western Power’s requirements. Our in-house capabilities included drafting and design, project management, and a dedicated delivery team, all crucial elements to ensure the successful execution of this complex project.

3. The Project Included

4. Why was Levanta Chosen?

Western Power chose Levanta as their partner for this project due to several compelling reasons. Levanta stood out as the only supplier in Australia with the capability to provide the full range of equipment and solutions required to meet the diverse needs of Western Power’s extensive fleet. This consistency in equipment and design across all their newly developed workshops in the state ensured streamlined operations and maintenance processes.


Levanta’s ability to offer a comprehensive solution, backed by in-house design, project management, and a diverse range of top-quality equipment, made us the ideal choice for Western Power’s ambitious workshop fitout project. This successful partnership underscores Levanta’s commitment to meeting the most exacting standards and delivering innovative solutions for our valued clients. Shaun Munro’s testimonial highlights our dedication to exceeding expectations and ensuring a prosperous long-term relationship with Western Power.

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