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Safety and Maintenance Checklist for Car Hoists and Auto Lifts

Levanta’s guide to ensuring safety in your workshop

Now that you’ve invested in one or more two post or four post auto hoists for your vehicle workshop, you’ll no doubt want to keep them in top working order for the long term.

The good news is that there are a number of maintenance tasks you can (and should) perform yourself every day, every week, and each month.

By adhering to this simple car lift service plan, you can keep your lifts working safely and effectively, and potentially save money on repairs with some preventive maintenance.

To keep your car hoist in the best condition, remember to carry out the following regular maintenance tasks.

Daily car hoist maintenance

  • Each morning, you should carefully inspect all your vehicle hoist’s moving parts, cables, and hoses for obvious defects or any signs of unusual wear and tear.
  • Wipe off any excess dirt or grease, both to keep your car lift clean and to make the visual inspection more accurate and easier to perform.
  • Check that all locking mechanisms and safety features are working properly before attempting to lift any vehicle.
  • Repair or replace any damaged parts immediately as required.

Weekly car hoist maintenance

  • Thoroughly lubricate all pulleys, rollers, chains, and safety lock pivot points to ensure the smooth operation of your lift, as well as preventing rust.
  • Carefully inspect all nuts, bolts, cables, and pins to ensure they’re intact and properly mounted. Tighten any loose components as necessary.
  • Repair or replace any damaged parts immediately as required.

Monthly car hoist maintenance

  • Check the hoist columns to ensure they are still squarely and securely anchored to the workshop floor. Tighten any anchor bolts that have worked loose – and if you notice a more serious problem, call a licensed service technician
  • Give your entire car lift a thorough cleaning, both to keep it looking good and to expose any potential problem areas.
  • Check the tension of all cables and hoses, and tighten or slacken as needed.

Flexible service plans make hoist maintenance simple

By carrying out these daily, weekly, and monthly car hoist maintenance tasks, you can ensure the safe operation of your car lifts, and prolong the life of your auto repair equipment.

As well as the above “DIY” car lift maintenance tasks, it’s important to schedule an annual service from a professional auto lift technician with specialist knowledge of your particular brand of hoist. Not only will it give you added peace of mind, it’s also a requirement under Australian law. Talk to Levanta about a flexible service plan today.

Want to know more about maintenance plans for your workshop’s car hoists? Talk to the vehicle hoist experts Levanta on 1300 577 541 or with your local branch’s contact forms here. 

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