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How to meet your OEM’s Corporate Identity requirements

All about planning the ideal workshop fitout

Whether you’re designing a new workshop fitout, or thinking of re-fitting an existing workshop, there are many factors to consider. The ideal bay layout, the number of essential fittings, and the comfort and safety of your staff will all get a mention. But one of the most crucial requirements of all is the need to meet your OEM’s Corporate Identity standards.

Global vehicle manufacturers have literally spent millions to create a Corporate Identity that clearly portrays their brand to potential customers. They are understandably protective of their Corporate Identity and reluctant to have it watered down. That’s why an OEM’s Corporate Identity handbook can run to hundreds of pages of standards.

And while that may sound intimidating, if you’re planning on refitting your vehicle workshop, it’s also the sound of opportunity for your dealership. Read on to find out how.

Select a workshop fitout expert that understands OEM CI

The old saying, “Buy it on price, you’ll pay for it twice” certainly has resonance when planning a workshop fitout.

If you’re working with a premium marque such as a European manufacturer, standards for meeting their Corporate Identity will be understandably high. These OEMs will often stipulate a particular brand of equipment, or a precise colour of equipment, from a certain manufacturer, who has a proven ability to provide the quality standard of workshop gear they’re looking for.

Though it might be tempting to try and save money by substituting a cheaper brand instead of a stipulated brand, this can often be a false economy. These cheaper brands often simply don’t measure up – leaving you with the need for costly rectification work.

All of this can be avoided by choosing to partner with a supplier with the expertise to work within an OEM’s guidelines, to design a workshop fitout right the first time. And with rebates on offer from OEMs for meeting their requirements, this approach can actually save you money over the long term.

The right partner makes meeting Corporate Identity standards easy

Don’t let your workshop fitout become an expensive nightmare. Make sure you have the information and experience needed to meet your OEM’s Corporate Identity by partnering with the right workshop fitout supplier.

By choosing a supplier that has the ability to work within your OEM’s requirements and deliver a solution to meet them, you can achieve a workshop fitout that not only looks the part, but helps you deliver a better service for your customers too.

Have questions about the best way to meet your OEM’s Corporate Identity requirements for your dealership? Get in touch with the workshop fitout experts Levanta on 1300 577 541 or with your local office’s contact forms here.  

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