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4 ways car hoists offer you improved efficiency (and profits!)

What’s the benefit to your workshop business?

Efficiency is a common goal for most Australian businesses. And in a car or truck workshop, efficiency most often means getting cars in and out as quickly as possible (otherwise known as high vehicle throughput).

One of the major decisions you can make to increase the efficiency of your workshop business is having the right car hoists or lifts. In this news post, we take you through the top four ways vehicle hoists can improve your business’s efficiency – and your bottom line.

1) Reducing the required prep time per vehicle

With a more versatile heavy-duty lift, your workshop will be able to service commercial trucks as well as small passenger vehicles, without the need for downtime while you perform a special setup.

Thanks to your versatile high-capacity lift, no matter what type of vehicle comes into your workshop, your technicians will be able to get it up on the lift and ready for servicing in a matter of minutes.

2) Offering easier access for vehicle servicing

By raising a vehicle on a lift such as a Levanta’s 4-post hoists, your technicians will have much better access to “trouble spots” such as the suspension, diff, and other areas compared to when the vehicle is simply raised on a jack.

Your technicians will also be able to work on a lifted vehicle while standing up, rather than having to lay flat on a creeper. This also makes it much easier for them to access hand tools and other necessary auto service equipment more quickly and efficiently.

3) Allowing you to offer a wider range of workshop services

By installing large-capacity hoists that can safely service many types of vehicles, your business can expand into new markets and offer a wider range of services. In turn, this will bring more customers through the doors – leading to increased revenue and profits.

4) Helping you attract quality employees

One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that auto technicians will actively seek employment in a workshop that’s fitted out with the best equipment. This is because they know that by working with the most modern, up-to-date vehicle servicing gear, they’ll not only add to their skills, but also have the best chance of career success.

This means that when you equip your workshop with high quality auto hoists, you’ll not only give yourself the best chance of attracting more talented employees, but also of retaining them for longer. This can save your auto service business some of the costs of finding and training new employees.

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Talk to Levanta for the right car lift for your workshop

At Levanta, we understand that as a workshop business owner, you always have an eye on efficiency and the bottom line. So to make sure your car or truck workshop is performing at its best in both areas, choose quality auto lifts from Levanta and help your technicians do more in less time.

To find out more about our range of car lifts and how they can help make your workshop safer and more efficient, call Levanta on 1300 577 541 or use the contact form for your local office here. 

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