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TechLift TL75W 7.5T Wireless Mobile Column Lift

Affordable lifting with 7.5T capacity

About TechLift TL75W 7.5T Wireless Mobile Column Lift

Mobile column lifts offer you a convenient and flexible lifting option for heavy vehicles.

Their exceptional mobility means column lifts don’t take up a fixed space in your workshop and can be easily stored away when not in use. Column lifts allow you to do more with your existing workshop space than alternative lifting option such as fixed four post hoists.

TL75W’s wireless configuration means there’s no power cables for your technicians to trip over while in your workshop. Heavy duty battery power means there’s also no need for 3 phase power supply for your column lifts.

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Technical Specifications

Capacity 7.5T
Max. Lifting Height 1,700 mm
Lifting speed 1.8 cm/s
Column Dimension 1,300(L)*1,100(W)*2,300(H) mm
Weight (per column) 680 kg
Power 240V (supply for charger)

Product Features

Affordable and cost-effective heavy vehicle lifting

The TechLift brand was conceived in response to a market need for quality lifting equipment at an economical investment value.

High quality rechargeable batteries

The 24V DC power system uses premium quality gel cell storage batteries, which can quickly and easily be recharged using the built-in 240V 10-amp chargers. Battery life between charges will depend on operational factors, but under normal operating conditions you can expect over 20 lifts before recharging is needed.

LCD screen display
  • Displays lifting height in real time
  • Offers simple troubleshooting of any problems
  • Continuously monitors battery condition
  • Shows mode type
Cutting-edge safety features

Automatic stop is activated both when the highest point is reached, and in the event of a 50mm height difference between columns.

Advanced synchronisation system

Provides smooth raising and lowering, even when the load is unevenly distributed between columns.

Easy access buttons

Each column features operation & emergency buttons for ease of access.

IP 54 waterproof

Offering protection against dust and moisture.

Axle Mode

Levanta’s mobile wireless column lifts have a feature called ‘Axle Mode’, which pairs only 2 columns out of the set of Column Lifts. This allows the user to lift just one axle or set of wheels at a time, providing a stable and balanced support for the vehicle at a safe lifting height, whilst saving time and ensuring safety during maintenance procedures.

Axle mode serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it allows technicians to elevate one axle to a safe lifting height so that Axle Stands or Jacks can be positioned beneath the vehicle. This enables the removal of the column lifts for use elsewhere in the workshop. With the wheel now free from the lift, technicians can safely remove it for tasks such as tire replacement, wheel balancing, brake servicing, or suspension work.

Alternatively, Axle Mode can help minimise the necessity for additional supports or jacks if they are not readily available in the workshop.

Product Showcase

Available Product Accessories

TL75 Cover
TechLift Protection Covers

TechLift Protection Covers

Protect your TechLift TL75 Mobile Column Lifts with these all-weather covers.

Levanta LiftMax LM80S axle stand
LM80S LiftMax Axle Stand

The LM80S can support a vehicle after a column lifts it up, allowing for a more efficient workshop.

Trailer Beam
TL75W Trailer Lifting Beam

Quickly, easily and safely lift trailers whilst disconnected from the prime mover.

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product

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Hoists and other equipment in your workshop need annual servicing and certification by law for you to continue working safely and productively in your business. With our 34-point checklist and manufacturer trained servicing agents, you can be assured that your workshop equipment will work when you need it do, with the minimum downtime!

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We deliver Australia-wide

Levanta’s national network of warehouses enables us to supply our workshop equipment direct to you, wherever your business is located right throughout Australia. Whether you need a service pit for a remote Pilbara mine or a 4 post hoist for a Sydney dealership workshop, we have delivery options to suit you.

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All Levanta products are backed up by an industry-leading warranty. We’ve invested our reputation into our quality brands, and we stand behind our products. Our dedicated team of design engineers work hard to detect and correct any issue – no matter how small – before it gets to our customers.

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