In-house capability boosted thanks to Levanta’s workshop fitout

Cleanaway Dandenong are up and running with a brand new, comprehensive heavy vehicle service facility with a fitout from Levanta.

The impressive new workshop is designed to amalgamate the service function of multiple existing sites, to bring Cleanaway’s complete maintenance capability into one super centre.

By incorporating high quality equipment and improving processes, this approach was designed to increase efficiency and allow Cleanaway to handle greater service volumes in one centralised location.

Focused on safety and productivity

Cleanaway have a strong business-wide focus on safety in everything they do. This meant that a critical requirement of the fitout was for first class safe equipment and processes.

Equally passionate about safety, Levanta were an excellent fit for the project. The team collaborated closely with the builder and Cleanaway to work through the approval process of the drawings and layouts.

The Levanta team were closely involved in design discussions right from the early stages of the project, to work out how the equipment would integrate with the planned building structure.

Roller brake testers bring additional safety in-house

Another impressive new piece of equipment for Cleanaway was the BM18200 in-ground lifting bed roller brake tester. This new technology compresses the vehicle’s suspension and then lifts as it tests to transfer more weight onto the tested axle, offering far more accurate results.

The RBT was paired with BM53000 in-ground play detectors for inspecting the suspension and steering underbody components of vehicles. It allows trained operators to quickly identify any faulty components.

A workshop fitout designed to improve efficiency and throughput

The brand new workshop provides a ca

The centrepiece of the fitout was an impressive 3 bay, 25 metre long suspended ceiling pit. Being three trucks wide the service pit allows Cleanaway to park semi-trailers over it or to service multiple smaller rigid trucks at one time.

Fully galvanised for longevity, it provides efficient and fast entry and exit for vehicles being serviced.

Levanta outfitted the service pit with all the accessories needed for fast and safe operation. Pit jacks offer flexibility for accessing different lifting points on vehicles, and waste drainers for simple and practical removal of used oils.

Safety features included automatic rolling safety covers for to ensure safety for workshop technicians around the service pits, and internal ventilation to extract harmful exhaust gases.

Along with the suspended ceiling pit Levanta provided two UL2 in-ground lifts, just the second time they’ve been installed in Australia. This innovative new product allows heavy vehicles to be quickly lifted via their axles, leaving the wheels free to be serviced.

The in-ground lift saves significant space in the workshop area. It can be fully retracted to allow trucks to drive unimpeded through the workshop, and when in use provides easy access to the vehicle for Cleanaway’s technicians who are working safely on a flat, concrete workshop surface.

Levanta also installed a fully reticulated oil delivery system featuring multiple oils piped to relevant dispenser points. It was paired with a compressed air delivery system throughout the workshop.

lean and clear work place, improved work flow, and provided the ability to service multiple vehicles simultaneously, while delivering high productivity capabilities and safe work spaces for their technicians. From design consultation through to the supply and installation, our complete workshop fit out provided the perfect equipment to space ratio to achieve Ford’s goals for their new service area.