Levanta helps improve in-house maintenance function

Providing bus services for a third of Melbourne’s network, public transport company Transdev has more than 1,100 employees and 505 vehicles.

They needed to upgrade their old concrete service pit and other equipment at their North Fitzroy maintenance facility. Transdev engaged Levanta to install a new compliant pre-fabricated service pit that would improve their workshop efficiency and safety.

The Levanta workshop team worked closely with Transdev and their builder to install the pit, creating an installation schedule that would fit within the client’s construction timeline.

Pre-fabricated service pit delivers efficiencies

Levanta recommended a pre-fabricated drop-in service pit that offered Transdev several advantages. Crucially, it meant that installation time was greatly reduced, with less time needed on-site. And since Transdev have pre-fab pits already installed at their other sites, their technicians are familiar with the equipment and can move between sites and work seamlessly.

Safety and efficiency were critical requirements for Transdev. The service pit was installed complete with a full ventilation system to extract exhaust gases while buses are serviced. An automatic pit safety cover prevents technicians from falling and injuring themselves when the pit is not in use. And a rolling AC Hydraulic 20 tonne pit jack – with automatic mechanical safety locks – services the entire length of the pit.

Additionally, Levanta installed new oil, compressed air and coolant pipework throughout the workshop to new gantries. Levanta took care to position the layout to ensure the optimum workflow for Transdev’s technicians.

Mobile roller brake tester fills the service gap

During the changeover from old concrete pit to new pre-fab service pit, Transdev’s existing roller brake tester (that had been supplied by Levanta) had to be removed and taken off site during construction.

It was critical for Transdev to maintain their in-house brake testing capability. Even with installation time minimised, that meant sourcing an alternative tester during this time.

Levanta supplied a mobile brake tester and shakers to allow Transdev to continue testing their fleet’s brakes while the installation work was being done.

The roller brake tester was still highly functional and in good condition. With the pit installation complete, Levanta then reinstalled and re-calibrated the roller brake tester once more.

Transdev now utilise the mobile brake tester and shakers across all of their Melbourne maintenance sites.