Servicing a wide range of multi-axle width and length vehicles, Fulton Hogan called on Levanta to offer advice on the best solution for the space allocated, the servicing needs and the timeline restrictions, while maintaining cost effectiveness and existing servicing operations.

Project Challenge

The Client had a requirement to service a wide range of vehicles from Trucks and Light vehicles to machines used to lay Asphalt and other civil equipment. Due to the wide range of vehicles, track widths and weights, a hoist was determined to not be suitable. Levanta was asked to visit the site and provide suggestions for a suitable solution which would meet the needs of the client and keep the costs to a minimum.

Our Solution

The Levanta Project Team suggested using a pre-fabricated pit to allow any vehicle in the FH fleet to be serviced without the need to be lifted up. The pre-fabricated pit, allowed for much of the time consuming elements of the build to be completed prior to the concrete slab being cut and the pit excavation done. This allowed FH to continue their routine maintenance operations until the day before the pit was installed. The pit was built with all internal features such as lighting and ventilation already installed so it was simply a matter of positioning the pit in the excavation, connecting services such as electricity, air and the exhaust fan ducting and back filling the excavation. The concrete slab was then re-instated and the job was completed in 3 days. The alternative solution of either casting a pit on site or building it from blocks would have taken around 2 weeks.

Government facility project Fulton Hogan – Dandenong VIC

The project included:

Client Benefit

The client was able to maintain their routine maintenance operations throughout the 3 day supply and installation project. The swift and cost effective solution was the ideal solution for a client that needed to service a large multi-axle range of light and heavy vehicles.