Levanta team offers safe, straightforward heavy vehicle lifting

Fuel Trans Australia is an independent fuel cartage contractor operating fuel tankers throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory. All 50 vehicles in their fleet are company owned and maintained in-house.

When Fuel Trans were appointed as BP’s Accredited Fuel Hauler for the NT, they realised they needed to expand their in-house lifting capacity. They turned to Levanta for a solution.

Knuckle lift provides an alternative to service pit

Because Fuel Trans were leasing their property, they were unable to cut the necessary hole in the workshop floor to install a pit.

As an alternative Levanta advised installing a knuckle lift to provide the safe lifting capability they needed to service their fleet properly. The knuckle lift can handle prime movers all the way up to a tri drive axle vehicle – and it also meant Fuel Trans could move the lift in future if they changed premises.

A smooth and straightforward setup experience

Fuel Trans owner Stephen Crawford said, “Levanta’s setup was really straightforward. We told them where we wanted the lift, and they got stuck in and did it.”

“Their team showed us how to use the lift, and even demonstrated some safety features we weren’t aware of,” he said. “It really gives us peace-of-mind that we have the right solution.”

“Going with a knuckle lift and no hole needed in the slab meant it was an easy conversation with the landlord,” Stephen said. “That was something we’d struggled with previously.”

“We’re delighted with Levanta,” he said.