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3 things to consider when choosing a four post hoist

Our workshop experts show you how to get the right hoist

If you’ve decided to buy a four post hoist, the Levanta team say congratulations! The sturdy, rugged nature of these lifts will make it easier and safer for you to service vehicles than ever before.

Of course, all brands and models of four post hoists are not alike. That’s why it’s important to consider the following 3 points when choosing the best vehicle hoist for your needs.

1) What type of vehicles will you be servicing most regularly with your four post hoist?

What types of vehicles do you find yourself servicing in your workshop most often? For small, narrow vehicles, you should look for a 4 post hoist with an adjustable platform that can be made narrower as you require. On the other hand, if you mainly service large, wide vehicles, you should choose a larger hoist with higher capabilities.

2) Look for the longest four post hoist ramps available

Many people underestimate just how long platforms really are when servicing vehicles. But short ramps and low profile vehicles do not mix — which is a lesson you’ll learn quickly if your four post hoist accidentally scrapes the underside of a customer’s car. Remember: you can always get a high vehicle on a long ramp, but not the other way around!

3) Insist on four independent safety locks

Safety locks for 4 post hoists are currently a grey area in the Australian Standards. Technically, you can get away with only having one safety lock; but this isn’t the best option, as it leaves you open to potential danger if that single safety lock was to fail. Ideally, you should look for a hoist that has four independent locks (one in each column).

To speak to a car hoist expert about choosing the right model for your workshop, Levanta on 1300 577 541. We are always in the mood to talk about vehicle lifts! 

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