Two post car hoists

Improve your vehicle throughput with dealership quality vehicle lifts

Levanta are the two post hoist experts, offering lifts in a range of capacities to meet your workshop’s requirements.

Our 2 post car hoists are designed and engineered to handle the demands of a busy dealership workshop. They’re packed with clever design features to ensure improved vehicle throughput for your business.

Choose the ideal hoist for your worksop

Engineered for quality, designed for durability

These high quality two post lifts utilise direct-drive lifting technology, offering improved reliability, smoother operation, and reduced maintenance costs compared to lifts that use screw mechanisms or lifting chains.

The innovative “Clear Floor” design means there’s no floor plate to obstruct your technicians. They can easily move tool boxes, transmission jacks, oil drains or any other equipment beneath the vehicle being serviced.

All our 2 post car hoist models are available in standard or Extra High layout to suit your business and the type of vehicles you most often service. They meet the Australian Standard AS 1418.9 and International Standards.

We understand that in a modern dealership workshop, presentation is key. So we are happy to supply our 2 post hoists in custom colours to meet your OEM’s Corporate Identity requirements. Extra charges and longer lead times will apply. 

Discuss your dealership’s car hoist needs with a workshop expert

Levanta’s workshop consultants would be pleased to visit your business and discuss the best two post car hoists for your needs.

To find out how our dealership quality two post hoists can improve your workshop’s vehicle throughput, contact your local Levanta office here or call 1300 577 541.

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