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F565 tyre changer

60″ Universal electrohydraulic tyre changer

About F565 tyre changer

Suitable for trucks, tractors and earth moving vehicle wheels

Enough of the uncertainties that, up to now, have been inevitable with large deforestation, mining, and agricultural wheels. Your work will never be the same again: the F565 will amaze you!

The independent movement of tool-holder carriage and chuck-holder arm will allow you to position the wheel and the tools as freely and quickly as possible. The tool-holder carriage moves at high-speed, while the self-centering arm offers all the strength necessary for a smooth work.

The controls are location on a brand-new console that reflects an attention to ergonomics and functionality. User-friendly controls and intuitive design facilitate work. It is equipped with a radio connection as standard. The wheels at the base of the frame facilitate movement from one side of the wheel to the other while working.

All movements are totally automatic
The universal self-centering chuck is activated by a hydraulic cylinder and can lock all rims from 14-60 inches (with extensions supplied as standard) from the inside or from the central hole. It can rotate in both directions at 3 different speeds and is supported by a new spindle with a powerful hub. A self-centering chuck so sturdy has no precedent.

HPA-FAIP proposes its first fully hydraulic tyre changer. The hydraulic motor installed on the self-centering device reduction unit offers considerable advantages. Excellent performance and adjustable RPM for tyre grooving.

The new tool-holder has been intentionally designed to be solid, so that it can withstand the heavy-duty use.

The new structure, the new bead breaking disc, and the use of aeroderivative bearings are some details of this concentrate of technology and solidity.

Technical Specifications

Handles Rims From 14″ ÷ 50″ / 60″
Max. Wheel Diameter 3000 mm
Max. Wheel Width 1800 mm
Max Wheel Weight 3000 kg
Min. wheel central hole diameter 110 mm
Max. torque delivery 5500 Nm
Bead breaker force 4500N
Gear motor (3-speed hydraulic) 4-6-10 rpm
Hydraulic power unit motor 3PH – 4.8 kW
Voltage 415V 3 phase 50Hz
Noise level when running -70 dB (A)
Machine weight (with accessories) 2200 kg

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Enquire about this product


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