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CSA20 industrial air compressor

CSA20 industrial air compressor

Compact, pre-assembled and ready for use

About CSA20 industrial air compressor

Industrial air compressor that’s compact, pre-assembled and ready for use

The CSA 20/10 is an industrial option for compressed air production. They are compact, pre-assembled and ready for use. Designed for small and medium scale industrial applications, these units are ideal where space is limited or close proximity to the worksite is required.

  • Low noise emission
  • Premium electric motor
  • Easy access to internal components

A great high performance, silent series of air compressors that are simple to install and maintain, the CSA 20/10 is one of the top class of models available in the market today.

Modern and aesthetically designed, these belt driven, oil lubricated screw compressors offer a wide choice of variants and are built with quality components in a state of the art assembly plant.

The CSA 20/10 can fulfil industrial requirements up to 71cfm with maximum reliability and efficiency whilst ensuring user friendliness, easy serviceability and low noise levels, providing everything you want from a compressor with technology you can trust.

Product Features

  • Motor size: 20hp
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO-9001 & ISO-14001 certification.
  • Low noise levels, from only 65 dB(A) achieved via the use of cabinet soundproofing, the silence of the air-end & anti-vibration mountings.
  • Highly efficient, European ‘AIRTEC’ rotary screw air-end.
  • Sophisticated, energy saving, user friendly ‘ES-3000’ electronic controller.
  • Premium EFF1, IP55 electric motor.
  • Combined air-cooler & oil-cooler, in aluminium with fine fins.
  • External, cabinet, intake air, pre-filter mat.
  • High efficiency spin-on air/oil separator element, resulting in oil carryover of only 2-3 ppm (before external line filters are even reached).
  • Air Centre models feature high pressure (1400 kPa), air receivers certified toAS1210.
  • Star-Delta motor start.
  • Compliant with Australian OH&S regulations.
  • 12 month warranty
  • Easy access to all internal components (3 panels facilitates access to all compressor components) for ease of service.
  • Spin-On’ style oil filter & air/oil separator elements (just like a car oil filter).

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Enquire about this product

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