Quality vehicle workshop lubrication equipment

At Levanta we offer a broad range of reliable, high quality lubrication equipment you can depend on to keep your maintenance workshop running smoothly.

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Manufacturing Quality

Levanta understands the physical demands of the industry. All of its Lubrication Tools and Equipment are manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments, from workshops, factories to mine sites. All Automotive Lubrication Workshop Systems are compliant with Australian manufacturing codes and standards.

Lubrication Equipment is designed to take into account how it will be used to help provide greater workshop flexibility. Only the highest standard of materials are used to produce all products, ensuring a product with longevity.


Levanta is dedicated and believes in its products, it provides solid factory warranties and conditions that work for you.

Covering the manufacturing of parts and material of its Lubrication Equipment, you can trust the product that you choose.

Lubrication Equipment you can trust

With over 25 years of experience in the workshop supply industry Levanta knows what the consumer wants. It has developed its own top of the range Lubrication Workshop Systems designed for light and heavy duty vehicles that target the everyday needs of workshops, by tailoring its products through service and maintenance.

After sales servicing and Parts

All Levanta products are covered by a nationwide support service that is ready, willing and able to answer any of your after sale product needs or questions. They can solve any Lubrication Workshop Equipment problems in a friendly, timely and helpful manner. If you’re just needing spare or replacement parts of any Lubrication Tools or Equipment, the Levanta team is ready to help you source those parts without lengthy disruptions to your workshop.

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