Transdev – Capalaba QLD

Delivering a comprehensive workshop fit out over a long time period, we developed a multi-stage fit out strategy to ensure that Transdev Capalaba could achieve the work space they needed and keep in line with their budgetary restraints.

Project Challenge

To design, source and install a range of improvements over an extended timeframe to allow the client to utilise their budget whilst maintaining cash flow, and to better utilise space within an existing workshop.

Our Solution

Totally designed and implemented by Levanta in heavy consultation with the client, we delivered a range of major works and equipment to the Transdev Depot at Capalaba in Qld, to enhance their servicing capabilities and free up under-utilised space for better workflow.

The project included;

  • The design and install a new lubrication system incorporating 9 x bulk new and waste fluid tanks
  • Full reticulation to a single lube gantry, in place of their existing bulk storage arrangement which was in the middle of the workshop and consumed a large area of the workshop floor.
  • Full Graco Matrix Lube Monitoring and management system which included, Digital Meters, Tank Level monitors (for all 9 tanks), Wireless transceivers, plus computer monitoring and record management.
  • Complete Heavy Vehicle Test Lane incorporating BM Roller Brake Tester, Wheel Play Detector, Speedometer Tester and Headlight Aimer (the Speedo tester and headlight aimer are integrated with the database on the brake tester).
  • AC Hydraulic 20t Rolling Pit Jack
  • Set of 6 x LiftMax wired Mobile Column Lifts for servicing.
  • Set of 4 x LiftMax wired Mobile Column Lifts for the Wash Bay.

Client Benefit

TransDev’s Capalaba Bus Depot have received a top of the line facility that focuses on the safety of their staff and the buses that service Redland City. This state of the art facility services and maintains up to 140 buses with ease, allowing for multiple service, cleaning and repair bays. The redevelopment has significantly increased workshop space and technicians can now work simultaneously to keep up with the heavy demands of this critical public service, while managing budgets and time restraints.

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