Levanta completes workshop refit for Emerald Carrying Co

Project demonstrates the viability of improving an operational workshop

A leading provider of logistics services in Central Queensland, Emerald Carrying Co wanted to improve the capacity and capability of their heavy vehicle service workshop.

With a proven track record of providing reliable and efficient logistics services, they needed a workshop at their Roseneath Depot in Townsville that would help them deliver the superior customer service and satisfaction they’re renowned for.

Yet they couldn’t simply close down operations while waiting for a new workshop to be completed. They turned to Levanta for an improved workshop facility complete with service pit, in a short timeframe that would have minimal impact on their operations.

Installing a prefabricated service pit for heavy vehicles

Emerald Carrying Co’s workshop was enhanced with the addition of a 15 metre long prefabricated service pit for an extremely safe, robust working environment. The pit was custom designed and manufactured to the client’s exact specifications by Levanta.

The advantage of choosing a prefabricated pit in this situation was obvious. Because the pit arrived on-site finished and ready to go in-ground, the installation process was far more streamlined and able to be completed much more quickly.

Complementing the service pit was an AC Hydraulic 20 tonne pit jack, a rapid and precise air hydraulic unit that provides balanced and efficient lifting of heavy trucks. The jack’s mechanical safety lock system ensures safety for Emerald Carrying Co’s employees too.

The service pit installation was competed with the inclusion of sub-frame infrastructure, ready for play detectors (or shakers) to be added at a later date.

Adding a Roller Brake Tester to enhance in-house capability

Emerald Carrying Co’s service pit was given even greater capability with the addition of a BM 14200 in-ground Roller Brake Tester.

With an axle load up to 20t, the BM 14200 is robust and built to withstand their high daily throughput of fully laden vehicles. It was configured by Levanta to precisely meet the service team’s requirements.

Once again, to ensure minimal disruption to Emerald Carrying Co’s operations, Levanta focused on making the installation process streamlined and straightforward. The Levanta team provided drawings and detailed information for concrete cutting, civil excavation, and all electrical requirements for the RBT.

Talk to Levanta for a custom workshop fitout for your heavy vehicle workshop

Levanta’s Head of Sales and Marketing Bradley Dunn said that the successful retro-fit proved the viability of improving an existing workshop, without the need for an entirely new build.

“Some workshop managers we speak to think that it’s too difficult to install a service pit in their workshop while it’s active and busy,” said Bradley. “The Emerald Carrying Co project shows that that’s not always the case.”

Wherever you are in Australia, Levanta’s team of fitout experts have the experience to design and install the ideal setup for your business’s needs.

To discuss a full custom workshop fitout or refurbishment, get in touch online or call the Levanta team on 1300 577 541.

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