Levanta completes workshop fitout for Daimler Trucks Melbourne

A custom heavy vehicle workshop on a greenfield site

Daimler Trucks Melbourne have recently taken possession of their brand new service facility in Laverton, Victoria.

While Daimler Trucks had an established presence in the area, they wanted to re-establish their workshop on a greenfield site to accommodate their expanding business. It was the perfect time to upgrade their workshop fitout.

The fitout was modelled on their very successful Perth facility which had also been created by Levanta. Thanks to their previous relationship, they didn’t hesitate to commission the Levanta team once more for their Laverton workshop.

A complete heavy vehicle workshop fitout

Along with outfitting some 50 service bays, Levanta also installed engineered jacking rails for the two pits, complete with AC Hydraulic rolling pit jacks and waste oil drainers.

Each pit also featured reels for relevant oils mounted inside the pit for convenience and efficiency. The service pit also featured a BM14200 in-ground roller brake tester, installed in front of the pit, along with a BM53000 in-ground play detector.

The fitout was completed with a range of BendPak hoists, with capacities ranging up 18 tonnes. 

Complete reticulation of oil, grease, and air throughout the workshop

The Levanta team fitted out complete reticulated services for oil and grease, delivering nine different oils – including transmission, synthetic, and mineral oils – from separate tanks direct to each service bay. Central gantries provide easy access to oil for all bays, and the oil system was engineered specifically to perform during Melbourne’s cold winters.

Levanta handled co-ordination and provided detailed drawings for services such as electrical and drainage. The pre-delivery area for trucks was also configured complete with oils and other essential services.

The Levanta team incorporated compressed air pipework throughout the workshop, complete with ample air access points to maximise efficiency. The system was engineered to ensure sufficient pressure throughout the workshop, delivered through a suitably sized compressor to provide constant delivery and ensure productivity.

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