Improving dealership profitability

How Levanta works with you to improve your workshop and business

Your car dealership’s service department can be one of the highest revenue generators for your business.

By providing a consistently outstanding service experience, you can improve customer loyalty and increase the amount of return business you generate – with a marked improvement to the bottom line.

Good team culture and a solid relationship with your OEM are critical. Yet the cornerstone is making sure you have the most efficient workshop possible; one that incorporates the highest quality equipment in the smartest layout, to give you the best possible return on your investment.

Levanta’s team are experienced workshop fitout professionals. We don’t simply provide a “cookie cutter” layout for your fitout. Instead, we work through a proven process that starts with taking an objective look at your workshop, to ultimately drive increased profits for your car dealership.

Focused on workshop vehicle throughput

Ultimately, as a Dealer Principal or Fixed Operations Manager you’ll be judged on the volume of cars that your workshop regularly services.

So exactly how do you design your workshop for the maximum vehicle throughput?

At Levanta we focus on the fundamentals: how a more efficient work bay setup means more time spent working on vehicles every hour; more vehicles serviced every day; and more revenue from your workshop every year.

The Levanta team offer you proven ways to increase your operational efficiency:

  • Designing efficient vehicle access in and out of your workshop
  • Recommending the right equipment
  • Incorporating the maximum number of service bays
  • Ensuring technicians have easy access to tools, lubrication, air hoses, basins, bins and more

…all without overcapitalising and making a workshop fitout unaffordable. By taking care of the little things, we build in time savings that add up big time over the weeks and years.

Selecting dealership-quality equipment for your workshop

We understand your need to focus on driving your business forward, not worrying about the quality of the equipment in your service department.

That’s why Levanta insists on supplying only the highest quality, dealership-ready workshop equipment. Of all your KPIs, customer satisfaction is paramount. So we only supply gear that is tailor-made to meet the needs of busy, modern workshops.

We back up our dealership workshop equipment with a significant investment in our nation-wide network of service professionals. From our centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth they’re available to provide Australia-wide preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and annual servicing & certification to keep your workshop and team working.

We believe the success of our “quality first” approach is shown by the number of long working relationships we’ve developed with our clients – many of whom represent prestige vehicle marques – over the years.

Effortless compliance with OEM Corporate Identity requirements

When you’re working for a particular Original Equipment Manufacturer, odds are you’ll be pretty familiar with their lengthy requirements for presenting their Corporate Identity.

European and premium marques in particular have specific high standards around their CI that they will expect you to follow when designing your workshop fitout.

Whether you’re building a new workshop or refitting an existing one, we understand the reality of having to juggle your fitout costs to get the best result in an affordable way.

You need to invest wisely to strengthen your all-important relationship with car manufacturers, yet you obviously need to ensure a genuine return on your investment.

Levanta can work with you to ensure your new fitout meets the strict Corporate Identity requirements of your OEM – giving you the best opportunity to qualify for any manufacturer rebates on offer.

Attract top dealership staff with a better standard of fitout

As a dealer principal you’ll know that attracting the best employees is critical in offering blue ribbon service in improving your dealership profitability.

By employing the best technicians you’ll ensure high service standards, improved customer satisfaction, more service bookings and more revenue.

Plus of course, the opposite is also true. The best vehicle service technicians won’t settle for working in an untidy, dim, badly laid out workshop.

Levanta’s workshop fitout team can help you ensure your business’s standards of presentation and layout are high enough to keep you as an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best employees.

Talk to a Levanta workshop expert about improving your dealership’s profitability

If you’d like to see how the latest workshop equipment can help make your dealership workshop more efficient, the first step is to arrange a meeting with Levanta.

We can arrange for a workshop equipment expert to visit your dealership and bring you up-to-speed on how the newest gear from around the world can improve your car dealership business.

They’ll offer ideas on how to provide more services for your customers during their vehicle service, improve your business’s presentation, and demonstrate how affordable it can be to improve your dealership workshop with Levanta.

Click here to arrange for one of our workshop experts to visit you at your dealership workshop business.

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