Play detectors

Accurate and repeatable results for your workshop

The BM53000 wheel play detector system offers you an accurate and repeatable method of inspecting the suspension and steering underbody components of vehicles. The system utilises 2 plates with 4 x 4.5 ton hydraulic rams in each, to deliver a range of forces and movement that are equivalent to when the vehicle is driven on the road.

The play detector system allows a trained operator to quickly identify faulty components, so that they can be repaired or replaced while the vehicle is in the workshop for servicing. This removes the need to use bars and jacks to check for movement in wheel ends.

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There’s also no possibility of damaging vehicle components when using the play detector system, as the tyres will slip on the plates before any component damage can occur.

The BM53000 provides a number of operating modes as standard. This allows for both sides and single sided operation in automatic and manual modes. The plate movement can be set to either opposing directions or both plates moving in the same direction, depending on the components being checked.

The wireless remote control includes a powerful LED torch and full ability to change modes from under the vehicle.

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