Pit Safety Covers

Easy and very quick to use, our pit safety covers prevent your employees from falling into the vehicle inspection pit – while still offering full access to the vehicle’s underside.

Available in a choice of manual or automatically operated models, these lightweight covers will quickly and easily protect open vehicle pits.

Manual pit covers

With their concertina action, Levanta’s robust manual service pit covers are fast and easy to deploy. They keep not only your staff safe, but also other workshop visitors such as cleaners.

By deploying a manual pit cover you can ensure that any gaps between vehicles on long pits are made safe. Note that the load rating for manual covers should be stipulated.

Automatic pit covers

Retractable auto pit covers give you a quick and simple way to ensure safety for your workshop technicians around service pits.

With the ability to open to any position, they provide either full or part exposure to the vehicle being serviced. Their robust construction handles loads of up to 200kg, allowing your technicians to stand on the covers while servicing the front or rear of the vehicle.

Each automatic pit cover is custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your service pit, ensuring the optimum performance and maximum vehicle throughput.

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