TechLift TL75W Wireless Mobile Column Lift

With a lift capacity of up to 7,500kgs per column, TechLift’s heavy duty mobile column lifts are engineered to be robust, versatile and easy to manoeuvre.

Thanks to their wireless design, TL75W mobile column lifts gives you the ultimate workshop flexibility and manoeuvrability. You don’t have to waste time connecting power cables, and there’s less chance of tripping hazards for your technicians.


TL75W is also extremely compact and easy to store, helping to keep your busy workspace clear when your column lifts aren’t in use.

  • 7.5t per column lift capacity
  • Smooth, synchronised raising and lowering
  • LCD screen display
  • Advanced safety features

Wireless power with battery and charger

  • Eliminates time spent connecting power cables
  • Provides greater flexibility and manoeuvrability
  • Reduces potential tripping hazard for operators

LCD screen display

  • Displays lifting height in real time
  • Offers simple troubleshooting of any problems
  • Continuously monitors battery condition
  • Shows mode type
  • Multiple language options available

Cutting-edge safety features

  • Automatic stop when highest point is reached
  • Automatic stop in the event of a 50mm height difference between columns
  • Throttle valve and mechanical lock

Advanced synchronisation system

  • Smooth raising and lowering, even when load is unevenly distributed between columns

Easy access buttons

  • Each column features operation & emergency buttons for ease of use

IP 54 waterproof

  • Offering protection against dust and moisture
Model TL75W
Lifting capacity: 7500 kgs per column
Max. lifting height: 1700mm
Time of full rise: 150 sec.
Voltage: 24v DC
Motor power: 2.2Kw per column
Column dimension: 1300(L)*1100(W)*2300(H) mm
Fork length: 380mm
Fork width: 280~580mm
Weight: 680Kgs per column
Max. hydraulic pressure: 20Mpa
Battery capacity: 20 up & downs (Full charge)
Power supply for charger: 240V

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