25 tonne platform hoist 

Heavy Duty Platform Lift

TL250 is a hydraulically-driven heavy vehicle platform lift. The unique hydraulic driven system and high-precision balancing control device ensures synchronization of lifting and lowering.

TL250 is typically used in predelivery, repair and/or maintenance workshops catering for trucks, buses, trailers, agricultural vehicles and similar.

The Unique Synchronization System ensures smooth lifting and lowering of the hoist even when the two platforms are unevenly loaded.

The lift is equipped with an operator console, as well as E-stop safety switch to meet Australian Standards.

The TL250 series Lift incorporates both Hydraulic and mechanical locking features for optimum safety of operators. The pneumatically released mechanical safety lock is operated from the console with the operator having clear view of the lift and surrounds.

The lift incorporates both front and rear wheel stops once the hoist is raised.

The synchronisation system of the TL250 ensures both platforms remain level and uniform during operation. In the event of a power outage or other external fault the lift will automatically shut off. In this event there is a manual override procedure to lower the hoist to the ground.

Available in 9m and 10m platform lengths.

    Lifting Capacity 25 t
    Max lift height 1,700 mm
    Min height 375 mm
    Width 2,680 mm
    Length 12,800 mm
    Single Platform Width 750 mm
    Rise time < 120 seconds
    Voltage (multiple options) 220v, 3P/380v, 3P/V00v
    Motor Power 7.5 kW
    Max Hydraulic Pressure 22.5 Mpa

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