Low Profile Hydraulic Car Lift, Perfect for Dealership Service Centers

Boasting a huge 3.5t lifting capacity, the Stratos – SRE is a heavy duty, extra high lift, extra low profile, hydraulic scissor lift. Loaded with great features as standard, this extra height, low profile lift can accommodate just about anything you drive on it. With easy to handle drive-on and drive-off ramps, this surface mounted scissor lift would make a great addition to any serious commercial workshop.

  • 3.5t lift capacity
  • Extra low-profile
  • Extended height lift
  • Double hydraulic system

3.5t Inground Hydraulic Car Lift

The Stratos – SRE is a surface mount extra low profile scissor lift with an extended lift height, ideal for busy commercial workshops. With a minimal height of only 98mm and a maximum lift of 1945mm, there aren’t too many ground hugging vehicles that can’t be easily lifted high in the sky using the easy to handle drive-on and drive-off ramps. Hydraulic synchronisation of platforms during lift means you get the stability and the levelling you need to get the job done, especially with the extended height capacity of this versatile lift. Safety features abound with this model including an overload safety valve in case of sudden loss of pressure, a 24V dead man control and a buzzer sounding during the last portion of decent. Sporting a double hydraulic system, with double volumetric cylinder under each platform, this model comes surface mounted as standard and includes an automatic lowering control, plus a set of four solid rubber pads that easily support the vehicle during lift. With a quick lift time of approximately 35 seconds and similarly swift lowering time of 45 seconds, combined with its extended height capacity to 1945mm, this electric/hydraulic extra low profile scissor lift can easily enhance productivity and profit margins for your workshop. Accessories:

  • Hose extensions 2 m
  • Single phase version
  • Recess frame
  • Kit of embedded run-on and run-off skids
  • Auxiliary ramps for lowered cars
  • Crosspieces for special vehicles
Operation Electro-Hydraulic
Capacity 3,500 kg
Weight 750 kg
Lifting / Lowering 35 Seconds (up) & 40 Seconds (down)
Lifting Height 1,945 mm
Motor 3Ph / 415v / 50Hz / 16amps