4t Air Hydraulic Jacking Beam

With the capacity to lift up to 4t, this strong and robust air hydraulic jacking beam is ideally suited for passenger cars, vans and light trucks and is suited for low profile with its 230mm closed height.

  • 4t lift capacity
  • Air hydraulic operation
  • Low closed height of 230mm

Featuring a 4t lift capacity, this strong and robust designed jacking beam makes it ideal for lifting heavier vehicles in your workshop.

The flexible top support beam can quickly be extended up to 1610mm, while it’s unique height adjustable support arm system is designed to fit all current lifts and pits. The simple two-hand lowering operation with dean man’s release, automatic safety locking device and overload valve provides this unit with optimum safety.

Supplied with two extension sets (50/100mm), this air hydraulic jacking beam is ideally suited for any busy commercial workshop looking to lift the heavier loads.

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Air-line connection – HSD

  • Set for jacking beam
  • Fits: SD20PHL / SD26PHL / SD40PHL

Air-line connection – HSD-A

  • Set for automatic jacking beam
  • Fits: SD20PHL-A / SD26PHL-A



  • Capacity: 10 t
  • For lifting under different types of axles


Rubber support – FSD2

  • Height: 40 mm
  • Block for protection of car body

Rubber support – FSD3

  • Height: 80 mm
  • Block for protection of car body


Jack saddle

  • Capacity: 10 t
  • Ø 145 mm
  • Suitable for lifting under bolts, differential gear etc.
Capacity 4 t
Stroke 250 mm
Min Height 230 mm
Telescopic arms 780 – 1500 mm
Width (÷ support arms) 780 – 1220 mm
Lifting frame (height) 160 mm
Lifting frame (depth) 345 mm
Air supply 8,5 – 12 bar
Air consumption 350 l/min
Weight (÷ support arms) 175 kg

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