Prefabricated Steel Pits


Prefabricated steel pits for your heavy vehicle workshop

Levanta’s prefabricated steel service pits are custom designed to your exact specifications, and manufactured from high quality steel.

An extraordinary level of craftsmanship and technology goes into the making of each prefabricated steel pit, ensuring a safe, comfortable area that will help increase the overall efficiency of your heavy vehicle workshop.

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Safe, efficient heavy vehicle service pits

Levanta’s prefabricated pits offer you:
  • Fast installation (can be installed in a five-day window)
  • Minimal downtime to your existing workshop
  • No costly formwork
  • Number and length of pit bays to suit your needs

Our inspection pits provide an extremely safe, robust working environment. They also ensure that your employees have a clear view of the underside of all vehicles, and can reduce the risk of many work-related injuries.


Levanta prefabricated steel vehicle pits feature:
  • Pre-installed power, lighting, oil drainers, fluid supply, air, ventilation and drainage pumps
  • Two sets of access stairs with handrails
  • A range of different options for covering the pit to meet the very highest safety requirements
  • A painted finish to extend the life of your pit

Enhance the efficiency of your heavy vehicle workshop

Levanta’s comprehensive after-sales support service means that you never have to worry about any issues you might have with your pit. Simply get in touch with our expert team on 1300 577 541, and we’ll sort the problem out for you – fast.