P40H / P40EH1

Hand Hydraulic Workshop Press

The perfect hand hydraulic press for truck workshops and industry, this unit boasts a massive 40t capacity. With foot operated, double-acting pneumatic high speed control for hands free working, The P40H is ideal for productivity and precise working.

  • 40t Capacity
  • Traversing ram
  • 300mm stroke
  • Hand hydraulic

With a massive 40t capacity, this truck and industry ready workshop press is robust, durable and easy to use, perfect for all your heavy duty pressing needs, featuring:

  • Foot operated, double-acting pneumatically controlled high speed leaving both hands free for quick and precise positioning
  • Traversing ram
  • 300mm stroke for dealing with demanding jobs
  • Built-in pressure gauge at convenient eye level
  • Ram operated adjustment of table
  • Built-in safety overload valve
  • Wide, welded frame and press table ensuring high levels of flexibility
  • Removable ram end cap for mounting of various piston heads
  • Supplied with 2 vee blocks
P40H P40EH1
Capacity 40 t 40 t
Stroke 300 mm 300 mm
Height 1,740 mm 1,740 mm
Width 1,190 mm 1,355 mm
Width between legs 850 mm 850 mm
Depth between legs 215 mm 215 mm
Clearance 70 – 770 mm 70 – 770 mm
Press Speed 6.1 mm/s
Return Speed 7.9 mm/s
Weight 425 kg 445 kg

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