2 Stage Electro-Hydraulic Press

The P100EH2 is a durable heavy duty two stage electro-hydraulic press with an enormous 100t capacity. Ideally suited for truck workshops and heavy industry, this dual stage pump press is perfect for high level productivity and precise working.

  • 100t Capacity
  • Electro-hydraulic dual stage pump
  • Press speed 6.2mm/sec
  • Supplied with 2 vee blocks

The P100EH2 is a 100t capacity, two stage electro-hydraulic, variable pressure press that is ideally suited for truck workshops and heavy industry, featuring:

  • Dual stage electro-hydraulic pump
  • Press speed 6.2mm/sec
  • Traversing double-acting ram
  • Long 300mm stroke for dealing with demanding jobs
  • Variable pressure, can be set to any required tonnage up to 100t
  • Built-in pressure gauge at convenient eye level
  • Ram operated adjustment of table
  • The motor is 3x400V (can be switched to 3x230V)
  • Built-in safety overload valve
  • Wide, welded frame and press table ensuring high levels of flexibility
  • Removable ram end cap for mounting of various piston heads
  • Supplied with 2 vee blocks
Capacity 100 t
Stroke 300 mm
Height 2,040 mm
Width with motor 1,765 mm
Width between legs 1,100 mm
Depth between legs 325 mm
Clearance 75 – 675 mm
Press Speed 6,2 mm/s
Return Speed 8,3 mm/s
Weight 1,215 kg

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