OMER MCO86 wireless mobile column lift

High quality, innovative lifting for heavy trucks & buses

The new MCO series of wireless heavy duty electro/hydraulic wireless mobile column lifts offer your workshop a flexible lifting solution for heavy trucks and buses.

MCO86 can be operated in either wireless or conventional cable format, depending on your needs. Wireless synchronisation provides the ultimate mobility by eliminating any physical obstructions between columns; while cable communication offers you a failsafe backup system when required.


Full function controls on each column

Each individual column features a full function control with 7” colour LCD touch screen. This allows the operator to control the lift from any column, and select a lifting configuration of either full set, single axle (pair) or single column. The user-friendly control pictorially displays the column configuration, battery charge, the synchronisation system being used (wireless or cable), working height, and a diagnostic of the current state of repair. The robust, maintenance-free controls have been designed to withstand the demands of the typical workshop environment.

Adjustable lifting forks

The fully adjustable lifting forks are capable of safely lifting wheel diameters from 60 to 135cm (24” to 53”). Optional specialty adapters are also available, that can convert the wheel engaging forks for use with a multitude of unique lifting applications.

High quality rechargeable batteries

The 24V DC power system uses premium quality gel cell storage batteries, which can quickly and easily be recharged using the built-in 240V 10 amp chargers. Battery life between charges will depend on operational factors, but under normal operating conditions you can expect over 30 lifts before recharging is needed.

Superior mobility and manoeuvrability

Mobility is a crucial factor when choosing a column lift. Thanks to their compact dimensions (115 x 134.7cm) and lower centre of gravity, MCO columns offer greater mobility. What’s more, they come equipped with a steering handle attached to a spring loaded industrial-style “easy roll” full bearing wheel, that’s lockable in position via a foot brake. This unique design can achieve a turning angle of approximately 180°.

Safety, speed, and low maintenance design

The heavy-duty spring that supports each column provides fast and secure support of the column weight, and can be adjusted to suit your operator’s preference. This design is superior to other low-cost pallet jack systems that are slower to use, less manoeuvrable, and require more maintenance.

Features at-a-glance:

  • Synchronisation via wireless technology or conventional cable communication
  • 7” colour LCD touch screen
  • Adjustable lifting forks
  • Premium quality gel cell storage batteries
  • “Easy roll” trolley design

Capacity: 8,600 kg

Lifting stroke: 1,700 mm

Lifting speed: 2 cm/s

Column sizes:

  • Height: 2,280 mm
  • Width: 1,150 mm
  • Depth: 1,374 mm