M830 LL super-automatic tyre changer

Universal super automatic tyre changing machine

Tyre changer suitable for all car wheels, enables the user to mount and demount any type of tyre currently available on the international markets, from standard to sport tyres, from low profile tyres to special UHP and “run flat” wheels.

  • All machine movement
  • Controlled penetration system
  • Simultaneous use
  • Rapid bottom bead demounting

Axial mounting turntable allows quick, secure wheel clamping and bead breaking on both sides with no need to turn the wheel over (wheel is clamped on the machine just once).

“IP system” (Increased Power system): speed rotation of the turntable automatically adjustable, the torque remains at the best ratio also at maximum speed (7 – 18 rpm).

Bead breaking unit with automatic single arm featuring 180° tilting (Patent Pending): quick, accurate, repetitive bead breaking on both sides of tyre. Pneumatically operated side-swing to locate the arm on the underside of the tyre.

Rim diamter 12″ ÷ 30″
Max self-centering torque 1200 Nm
Self-centering ratation speed 7-18 r.p.m.
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm. (47”)
Max. wheel width 15”
Max. Wheel Width 14″
Working Pressure 10 BAR
Bead breaker stroke 540 mm
Noise level when running ≤ 70 dB (A)
Motor (“IP” System) 0.98 kW – 50/60 Hz
Supply voltage 1 Ph – 200/230 V
Max. weight wheel 85 Kg
Weight machine (with wheel lift) 310 Kg

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