M424 2V FS tyre changer

24” automatic tyre changer

The M424 2V FS is a top performance, wide clamping range tyre changer that is ideally suited for car, van and motorcycle tyres, including low profile, UHP and Run-Flat tyres.

  • Wide clamping range and top performance
  • 2 year warranty
  • Outside locking up to 24”

A great automatic tyre changer with tilting post that is suitable for all car, SUV, van and motorcycle wheels, featuring a one-speed motor with tubeless inflating device.

By simply pressing a button, alignment (both horizontal and vertical) is obtained simultaneously with clamping, includes mechanical balancing of tool-holder shaft, while a roller under the horizontal operating arm minimises the effort of your operators.

The turntable is equipped with a patented system to switch the working range from 10”÷20” to 14”÷24” (from outside rim clamping) with a simple manual shift, while the tool head with new profile ideally suited for new tyres and rims.

The interchangeable plastic parts are provided to protect the rims during tyre demounting/mounting, and the tubeless inflating device pedal, located at the side of the unit, makes your team safe by preventing accidental activation.

The bead breaker installed on the machine as standard is fitted with a new component which allows the length of the fixed arm shoe to be extended. This feature is extremely useful and gives optimal results when working on large wheels and SUV wheels. It also ensures that the bead breaker shoe is always in exactly the right position in relation to the wheel, ruling out the risk of damage to the tyre and/or rim. A special plastic guards (supplied as standard), protects alloy rims during the bead-breaking.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Tyre lever
  • Set of 4 jaw pads
  • Plastic cover for blade
  • Plastic cover for tyre lever
  • Plastic inserts for tool head (2 pcs.)
Self Centering Chuck Opening 10″ ÷ 24″ Ext.
Self Centering Chuck Opening 13″ ÷ 26″ Int.
Bead Breaking Power (blade) 10 BAR 15.500 Nm
Bead Breaking Blade Opening 380 mm
Max. Wheel Diameter 1100 mm
Max. Wheel Width 3 ÷ 14″
Working Pressure 10 BAR
Noise Level When Running > 70 dB (A)
Two Speed Motor 0,75 kW – 50/60 Hz
Max Self Centering Torque 1.200 Nm
Weight Machine 255 kg

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