120 Litre Rolling Oil Pit Drainer

Equipped with:

  • Tank capacity 120 litre
  • Breakwater grate on the base of the tank
  • Breakwater grate for drip the substituted oil filters
  • Adjustable wheeled supports (min 800 – max 1,200 mm)
  • F 3/4” exhaust ball valve

Exhausted oil drain units suitable for the fall recovery of motor oils, transmissions and differential gears of lorries on pits. The tank is equipped with breakwater and anti-reflux grate ideal for the support for drip the substituted oil filters. The recovery exhausted oil can be transfer from the recovery basin to the tank of stocking through an emptying pump connected to the fix system or directly mounted on the tank.

Weight 36.2 kg
Volume 0,234 m³

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