90L Mobile Waste Oil Drainer
and Basin with Tool Holder

Levanta’s own waste oil drainer captures used fluid and is suitable for gravity feed draining of engine, gearbox and differential oil from all vehicles.

90L exhausted oil drain unit, equipped with:

  • 90 litre Tank capacity with level indicator
  • Basin abs 3 sections tool holder with ergonomic and swivel 360° abs funnel, with breakwater grate for drip the substituted oil filters
  • Pneumatic air emptying (max pressure 0,5 bar)

For the fall recovery of exhausted oil contained in the engine, the transmission and the differential of motor vehicles on the lift bridge.

The basin is equipped with a grate to support the substituted filters, and it can be regulated according to the height.

Warning: It is not possible to recovery brake oils, fuels, inflammable and corrosive liquids.

Basin Dimensions 760mm x 705mm
Minimum Height 1,200 mm
Maximum Height 1,850 mm
Empting Hose Length 2 m
Weight 32.5 kg
Volume 0,240 m³

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