LWS028 A700-AB1

Air-operated Double Diaphragm Pump

All our air-operated double diaphragm pumps have simple valves, making them extremely reliable for many applications. All the parts can be substituted without opening those parts of the body that are in contact with the fluid.

  • Casting: Aluminium
  • Compression Ratio: 1:1
  • Max. Flow Rate: 700 l/min
  • Fluid Connections: 2” BSP
  • Diaphragm: NBR
  • Balls: INOX AISI 316
  • Gasket: NBR
  • Fluids: Oil – Exhausted Oil – Diesel Fuel
Fluid Connections: 2” BSP
Air Connection: ¾” BSP
Max. Flow-rate: 700 l/min
Max. Air Pressure: 8 bar
Max. Delivery Height: 80m
Max. Suction Lift Dry: 5.0m
Max. Suction Lift Wet: 9.8m
Max. Solid Passing: 8.5mm
Noise Level: 78 dB
Displacement per Cycle: 1,250 cm3
Mac Viscosity 50,000 cps
Max. Temp 95°c
Weight 36kg
Measurements (WxLxH): 345 x 595 x 560mm