LWS-WL-80 wheel lifter

The LWS-WL-80 wheel lifter takes away the risk of a back injury when you’re removing wheels from a vehicle while it’s on a hoist.

With an 80kg lift capacity, LWS-WL-80 is capable of lifting almost any small or large wheels. The battery operated design takes away the need for the use of air lines, removing yet another risk.

The wheel lifter uses a screw lifting system with a two speed motor, making it easier for the operator to align wheel studs when mounting the wheel. The lift also has inbuilt rollers on the forks to further assist the operator with aligning wheel studs.

The LWS-WL-80 has a twelve-month warranty and is a must for any workshop removing tyres from vehicles during service operations.

 Maximum Capacity 70kg
 Run high 1,290mm
 Up/Down speed 0.02m/s
 Batteries 12v -12ah
 Base width 330 mm
 Base long 380 mm

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