LD Series

LD Series Light Duty Hose Reels

These economical enclosed hose reels will get you up and running fast. Giving you the ability to immediately reduce clutter and increase workplace safety, these one piece hose reels offer many benefits.

  • Enclosed hose reels
  • Easy spring tension
  • Full-flow swivel
  • Flexible wall mounting

Designed for light duty applications in service garages, repair workshops and industrial manufacturing facilities, these hard working hose reels will get your productivity soaring.

The one piece design protects internal components from the elements and extends hose life. Inside, the full flow swivel maximises fluid output while minimising pressure loss. Unlike other reels, you can easily increase or decrease spring tension while the hose is pressurised.

When you get the LD Series, you get:

  • Single or dual pedestal options
  • Improved high demand spring
  • Full-flow swivel to maximise fluid flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Easy spring tension adjustment giving you options while reel is pressurised
  • Adjustable arm
  • Improved latch design
  • Larger hose capacity with smaller profile

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