LD Series Dispense Equipment

Rigid Extension LD Series Dispense Equipment

The LDM5 G-256215 Rigid Dispense Electronic Meter is ideal for metered oil and dispense for lighter duty applications, including small maintenance shops, tire muffler shops, fast-lubes, independent repair facilities and lower volume in-plan applications.

  • Standard flow rate 5gpm (18.9lpm)
  • Manual and pre-set meters
  • Rigid extension&
  • Easy to read LCD display

Engineered with high quality materials and designed to provide peak performance over long periods, these units are perfect for the lower volume applications in smaller repair, lube and servicing workshops. The meter body is made rugged for superior impact resistance, while the handle is ergonomically designed for operator comfort.

Designed for indoor use, the two-finger trigger models have an easy to read LCD display with durable switches for a long life and feature manual and pre-set meters with a number of optional accessories to choose from.

Filled with features, each unit comes with:

  • Durable cast body
  • Long battery life
  • Trigger lock
  • Fluid inlet screen, swivel and inlet boots
  • Balanced triggering
  • New gear shape design
  • Large LCD display
  • Simple operator controls
  • Five year warranty on body
  • Two year warranty on electrics

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