Laser AM heavy vehicle wheel aligner

Accurate measuring system for wheels, axles and frames

When the driver steers the truck straight ahead, he/she assumes that the wheels and chassis roll straight ahead.

The driver controls the front wheels and decides on their direction. But the rest of the wheels can be rolling in another direction if the axles are not correctly positioned in relation to the longitudinal center line of the truck or if the axles are bent. It doesn’t have to be a big displacement of the axle to cause a noticable effect.

If, for example, one wheel rolls 5 mm per meter to the right and the other wheel rolls 5 mm per meter to the left, the wheels will diverge from each other 10 meters per kilometre.

This means that the truck rolls with resistance, which increases tyre wear and fuel consumption. So it costs your business money driving around with incorrect wheel geometry and axle positions. It is especially important for traffic safety that trucks with trailers have parallel rolling wheels. Everyone who has driven behind a truck or bus knows that very often they take up more room than the maximum allowed vehicle width.

JOSAM laser AM is a way to increase traffic safety and driving economy. It is THE system for reliably measuring axle positions and for wheel alignment. All the wheel angles can be simply and easily checked.

Measurement and adjustment with JOSAM laser AM results in a balanced carriage where wheels, axles and chassis are rolling in the same direction. For the workshop, this system is the perfect tool for expanded level of service. It is easy to use, calibrate and maintain. The alignment process is also speeded up. The results are accurate and with good repeatability. Moreover, any frame distortion can be diagnosed.

Measuring Toe

When the laser is aimed at the front scale, the indicated value is taken and recorded. The laser is then aimed at the rear scale. Any difference between the two values indicates the deviation of the wheel from the correct rolling direction. The deviation is given in mm/m. Our PC software JOSAM communicator calculates and displays this directly in your PC.

Measuring camber, caster, TOOT and max. turn

Camber is measured directly with the angle gauge. With the turn angle gauges or turntables, the wheel can be positioned to 20° inner and outer turn for correct measuring of caster and TOOT. The max. turn measurement is easily measured with the turn angle gauge or the turntables.

This is how JOSAM laser AM works

JOSAM laser AM for measuring axle positions shows accurately the rolling direction of the wheels in relation to the center line of the vehicle. This is done with a laser beam from a projector fixed to the wheel rim. The beam is projected onto scales at both ends of the truck.

When the laser beam shows the same value on both scales it means that the wheel rolls straight ahead, thus parallel to the center line.

The laser projector is fixed onto a universal wheel adapter, which is adjustable for different sized rims. The adapter on which the laser is fixed can be adjusted to eliminate the deformation of the rim. The adjustment compensates for runout of the wheel rim. Calibrating and servicing the measuring system is fast and simple.


The software platform for Josam’s wheel alignment systems, JOSAM homebase 3, has a Laser AM plugin. This helps the operator to calculate and store the wheel angles.