KAR45 knuckle lift

Vertical electro-hydraulic alignment lift

The new KAR 45 vertical electro-hydraulic knuckle lift is ideal for wheel alignment purposes, offering maximum stability and precision during the convergence phase. The special frame of the lift and its four fixed joint-legs offer you a perfectly firm runway for every loading condition you throw at it in the workshop.

  • Lift capacity 4.5t
  • Runway length 5,000mm standard
  • Perfect stability
  • Innovative shock absorber system
  • Freedom under and around while working

The ultimate car lifting and wheel alignment hoist

With a lift capacity of 4.5t, the KAR 45 vertical electro-hydraulic lift is the ideal workshop solution for alignment purposes. Offering maximum stability and preciseness during the convergence phase, it is perfectly stable, even with unbalanced loading, thanks to its innovative mechanical hydraulic system.

Clear space and movement are guaranteed under platforms and around the lift due to its unique structure, with no base and no connections to the floor, plus the torsion bar newly positioned within the control unit, the base of this lift is completely free of encumbrances. The special frame of the lift and its four fixed joint legs means a perfectly formed runway in any loading condition.

Safety Locks

Mechanical safety locks to secure the lift while working.

Electric Control

Electrical control of mechanical safety locks for securing the lift.

Hydraulic Piston

Free wheel lift table, with hydraulic lifting piston, complete with electric and parachute valves, for complete safety in case of pipe breakage.

Above Ground Installation

Flush Mount Installation

Lifting Capacity 4,500 Kg
Overall Length 5,690 mm
Runway Length 5,000 mm
Collapsed Height 210 mm
Air Operated 4 ÷ 8 Bar
Oil Pressure 220 Bar
Oil Capacity 13 l
Gross Weight 2,170 kg
Lifting Time 50 seconds
Motor 3Ph / 415v / 50Hz / 16 amps