KAR350 Series

Super Duty Heavy Vehicle
Lifting Equipment

With a capacity to lift up to 35t, this heavy duty knuckle lift is ideally suited for the bigger side of lifting. Perfect for Lorries, trucks, buses and any other large capacity vehicles, and is available in surface or flush mount. The KAR 350 is an electro-hydraulic pantograph lift with vertical raising, free of interference on the floor and ideal for heavy vehicle maintenance and lifting.

  • 35t lifting capacity
  • Flush or surface mount versions available
  • Electro-hydraulic pantograph vertical raising
  • Interference free floor space

Heavy Duty Truck Lift,
Electro-Hydraulic Pantograph Lifts 35t

This electro-hydraulic pantograph lift with vertical raising can lift up to 35t, making it the ideal lift for heavy duty truck and bus maintenance and service workshops.

Designed with a strong and compact frame, the vehicle lift guarantees a perfect stability on the runways, providing functionality, safety and consistent reliability. This standard platform model is 10,000mm in length, however, has the option for customisation.

Massive 35t Lifting Cap, heavy duty truck knuckle lift with synchronised runways,
perfect stability and strong on safety. To find out more call 1300 577 541

The KAR350 truck lift main features include:

  • Lift Capacity of 35t
  • Embossed anti-slip finish on all platform surfaces
  • Runway levelling controlled by photo sensors
  • Allows perfect runways stability even with lift length of 15,000mm
  • Runway designed to accommodate rolling jacking beams
  • Mechanical lock on each lifting cylinder
  • No mechanical connection between the platforms
  • Mechanical locks on each lifting cylinder
  • Burst valve on each lifting slave cylinder
  • Qty 5 max. over-pressure valves
  • Photo sensors for runways levelling control
  • Acoustic warning and by-pass key when lift reaches 500 mm from collapsed position
  • Low voltage commands
  • Dead man control

Available also in the Twin Version, where the lift can work individually or, when necessary, also simultaneously and automatically synchronised – View the KAR350 Twin System Here!

KAR Series Heavy Duty Truck Lift Advantages

Lifting Strength

O.ME.R. paid particular attention to the lift overall strength, taking solutions specially developed for this model :runaways in tubular structure and smooth metal sheet coupled to bear the loads under the worst conditions (such as asymmetric loads for instance)

Vertical Leg Design

Thanks to the original and innovative design of the leg, the lift has a vertical movement. Another advantage of this solution is the discharge of the vertical forces on the foundation.

Electronic balancing system with automatic leveling.

Piston Innovation

Housing of the piston in the upper part of the leg to protect it both against dirt falling from vehicles, and accidental spills of various tools used by the operator.

No Electronics

Master Slave Synchronism with “torsion bar” brought inside the control box. Easy maintenance and minimal down-time. No electronics are involved, the system remains mechanical/hydraulic.

Torque & Deformation
Resistant Platforms

No mechanical stress on the structure increasing life-span of the unit. Box structure has more resistance to “Flection’s & Torque” even with
higher loads.

Open Space Working

Mechanic will experience more comfort and access to vehicle maintenance workspace.

More Stability – No Sliding Points

4 fixed points with no sliding points creating more stability and less resistant to torque or deformations.
No cantilever points on the platforms.

Safety Features of the KAR350 Knuckle Truck Lift System

Control Unit The layout of the buttons on the control console is “deadman”, simple and intuitive.

Mechanical safety locks to secure the lift while working. Piston air for the opening of mechanical safety locks.

Burst valve inserted at the back of each lifting piston. Hydraulic hose for high pressures. There are 5 different pressure relief valves.

Why People Choose O.ME.R. Heavy Truck Lifts

  • 30 Years Experience in the Lifting Equipment Industry
  • Continuous Quality Product Improvements
  • Product Innovation and Developments
  • Equipment Safety and Reliability
  • Design and Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Industry Oriented Product Line
  • Expansive Product Range
  • O.ME.R. Worldwide Certified Products
Lifting Capacity 77,000 lbs. / 35,000 kg
Lifting Height 1,790 mm
Runway Length (optional) 9,000 / 10,000 mm / 11,000 mm
Collapsed Height 390 mm
Air Operated 4 ÷ 8 Bar
Oil Pressure 220 Bar
Oil Capacity 50 l
Gross Weight 8,000 kg
Lifting Time 80 seconds
Motor 400v / 3/50Hz / 7.5kW

Other Information